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  1. Brno & Cal Crutchlow.

    Cal Crutchlow has now become Britain’s first premier class (MotoGP) race winner since late legend Barry Sheene in 1981. After the race on Sunday evening, or on Monday morning … no mention at all of this sporting achievement on British Radio 4. Media Luvvies out of touch ?
  2. For Sale: Pair Of Wintec A80 Radios

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  3. Am I the only one?

    Who turns into a hoarder of vehicles because I can't bare to part with them? I had a guy come up to look at my Defender yesterday and last night he called to say he would like to buy it. Obviously it's not sold until cold hard cash is in my hands, but said he would bank transfer £600 into my...
  4. SENA

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Just got my SENA 20S, already had the SENA SMH10. A quick review. The price, simplicity, battery life and quality of the SMH10 is excellent. The 20S is an advancement which includes more features and bluetooth 4. The 20 S is almost double the price, but the noise is all gone, it is very clear...
  5. The B-17F-85-BO with serial # 42-30066 Nicknamed “Mugwump”

    This has nothing to do with motorcycles at all. However I hope that this "short" story will interest some of You guys. I happened to stumble upon a website dedicated to Forced Landings in Sweden during the war years. I’d just had to find if there were any within the vicinity of my home, and...
  6. Local Police Amaze me

    I start work at 0530 so i need to be there a bit before that to get changed etc. Yesterday morning i got into work and was talking to a mate after start up, now before work he went to a local cashpoint before going to work which was about 1/2 of mile from work. The cashpoint was a small branch...
  7. Ian Coates on the radio

    Ian posted in the chatbox the other day saying that he would be on Radio Leeds on the 6th or 7th of October, I missed it myself but then found it online in the listen again section but it'll only be there for a limited time so I've pinched it and put it on Youtube. It's worth a listen, both he...
  8. New toy

    Got a bit of a bonus at work, so bought a new toy. Canon SX50. 50x optical zoom. Equivalent to 24mm-1200mm or thereabouts in old money. Oo-er. So what does that look like? First picture: It's the local radio tower. Got that? Yes? So, here's where I was...
  9. Swedish Police R1250GS

    Swedish Police R1200GS I stopped by at my favourite garage at lunchtime. Aha, the new R1200GS. Wait a minute! What this? Strobos, radio, Antenna, extra switches, a loudspeaker? An unmarked Police bike...
  10. Absulutely the very very last question about mt top end rebuild.

    Dominator / FMX
    Just kidding. My engine is done and ready to drop back into the frame and before I put it back in I have decided to polish the engine casings instead of painting them. I have started with 220 grit sand paper and work my way through 600 then 400 wet and dry but its I long and tedious task. I have...
  11. Music lovers rejoice, Space Rock is alive and kicking.

    The spirit of Hawkwind* has been resurrected Maaaan. New album by Hookworms, Pearl Mystic. I heard a song on Radio 6. Took a chance on the album. Droney sounds guitars and the fatlad can sing and scream. Fabulous, play it loud and be killed by your neighbours. Hookworms - 'Preservation' (Live) -...
  12. Wilko Johnson news

    sorry if this as already been posted, I couldn't find an existing post but I'm usually behind the crowd :rolleyes:. Just heard on the radio that Wilko Johnson has terminal cancer and is doing a farewell tour Wilko Johnson announces farewell tour | Music | . Sad news indeed (well...
  13. Well it cheered up my day

    Heard this on the radio this morning. It made me laugh.
  14. Listening to the radio while riding

    Bike Comms & Audio
    Hi, I was wondering if people are listening to the radio (FM/DAB) while riding. If so, what pocket/portable radio are you using? When I'm driving to work by car on rainy days I like to listen to the radio (news programs). On my bike I don't listen to music or radio (yet). Yesterday I borrowed...
  15. For Sale: K100LT for sale 36k

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  16. It's finally happening and another event to add to the diary

    Charity Events
    The long awaited Taffy Dakar is officially up and running, registration will start in January 2013 The Official Taffy Dakar Site The Taffy Dakar is based on the Irish, Co. Doon, Paddy Dakar (Welcome To The Paddy Dakar - The Knockanstockan Off-Roading) It is a Motorcycling Orienteering...
  17. Who are Halfords trying to fool?

    One thing that really gets my pi$$ boiling is blatantly misleading advertising. Take Halfords for instance. They briefly doubled all the prices on their Pioneer car stereos back in June. Surprise surprise, shortly after this they started running a 50% off Pioneer car steros offer which seems...
  18. Vagina Crisis!!!

    OMG, I couldn't help but giggle... BBC News - Virginity cream sparks Indian sex debate BBC News - India vagina gel: 'Why the hell should you be tightening anything?' :toothy10:
  19. Am I alone..

    In being really pissed off about the Olympics? All we see on the telly and radio is Olympic that and Olympic that. Real news seems to be relegated to the last few minutes of the bulletins where traditionally the cat stuck up tree stories reside. As for the cost. So far, depending who you...
  20. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    Just a heads up for any fans of this iconic book. Dramatisation on Radio 4 today. I'm listening on i-player. Sounds good up to now except the sound effects man has clearly never heard a BMW