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  1. French trip - Wheels and waves 2014

    Love the look of this biking get together in Biarritz in France. Loooks like a gorgeous gathering of retro vintrage bikes , cool mofos and beer in a sweet location. I might have to put it in the diary for next year. Southsiders present: Wheels & Waves - second edition on Vimeo...
  2. Parking Rage Pensioner Banned

    I stumbled on this story of a local pensioner so fed up with ignorant morons blocking his garage: Pensioner filmed shunting car which blocked garage - Telegraph Here is a quote from the article: Here's the video: YouTube - Parking rage pensioner shunts car into road, runs over driver Some...
  3. Buy rage against the machine now!

    Wouldn't it be good to wipe that smarmy smile off cowells face. :D
  4. TA tappet adjustment rage

    In process of tappet adjustment and my sanity has drained away. The rear cylinder was ok (TA 9000mls) but now attempting to adjust the 2 front cylinder Inlet valves. According to Haines a ring spanner and pliers are sufficient. The ring spanner yes but pliers to hang on to the square adjuster...
  5. Road rage

    This morning some arrogant fool undertook me whilst I was nearly starting to pass a truck and then forced me to brake hard because he swung into the lane I was in. If I hadn't, then he would have hit the nose of my car. Did he think he was clever? Did he think that putting his own life at risk...
  6. WEB RAGE - whatever next !

    Be nice to each other - just saw this on my aol homepage :shock: A man has been jailed at the Old Bailey for Britain's first web rage attack on another internet user. Paul Gibbons, 47, traced John Jones, 43, after they exchanged insults in a chat room. He was armed with a pickaxe handle...
  7. Road Rage!

    I was out on my @ the other week being filmed for the BBC (Only going to be shown in Northern Ireland though) with a few friends. Must say it was boring as all it involved was riding up and down dual carriage way at 40mph. On one of the trips back down the carriage way, as it was merging into...