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  1. For Sale: africa twin rallied up

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Saw this looks really nice HONDA XRV750 AFRICA TWIN | eBay would like it myself :)
  2. So, should we have gone in?

    Over here in Tallinn, given my other half's aversion to satellite, I rarely get to grips with current affairs any more. Once in a while I'll stream the Today Programme from the BBC website; yesterday I listened to an episode of Jeremy Vine discussing the Chilcott Inquiry and last night I...
  3. For Sale: Steve norbury-rick long fund

    For Sale / Wanted
    All items listed to raise funds to provide after care following the accident in Germany two months ago which claimed Steve's life and left Rick with serious leg injuries. The motorcycling world and in particular, the sidecar racing fraternity, has rallied round to provide a wonderful collection...
  4. J's new bike

    can you guess what it's going to be??????? one careful owner, never raced or rallied in BMW black. I am batman :D
  5. For sale and Wanted

    For sale: 1 1970 knee with attached tendons and muscles. Non runner with some damage to surrounding muscles unfortunately this damage is fairly structural and will need a great deal of work to get it functional again. Any offers considered and I will include postage although it could be a...
  6. Well Helo there!

    Africa Twin
    Well, allow me to introduce myself, online name and real nick name is Xander (short for Alexander) 8) . Some of you have had the pleasure or displeasure of contact with me, over various bits :) . I have just picked up my new (to me) AT 2000 RD07 in black :D :D :D , on Sunday from the peak...