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  1. New guy from Barossa Valley South Australia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Go back 16 years..... I was walking with my wife and saw my first XL1000V. I definitely remember saying how it looked like something I'd like to own. Last Saturday, I bought one on a whim. :D It's a1999 model with 64000km on the clock, genuine luggage, 2 screens, Ohlins shock, SWM...
  2. Anyone interested in RD04 rallye parts?

    Africa Twin
    A friend of mine wants to sell out most of his RD04 rallye parts (>30L rear tank, front tank, all of the bodywork, front suspension and wheel, tripmaster and roadbook holder, etc..) and turn the bike into a supermoto (dont ask why). Anyone interested from this forum in the whole kit or some...
  3. For Sale: BMW XChallenge fork guard/ protector and screws (also fits X Country)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Will fit an X Country too. Purchased in error. I bought my XC from a mate. It had a low front rallye fender that I removed and then replaced it with these guards. They were attached to the bike, but the bike was never ridden, only stored in the garage. 2 months later (!!!!!!) my mate tells me...
  4. Large IMS tank for sale

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I have a new, unused large capacity IMS tank (white) suitable for a CRF, ideal for enduro or rally raid. Open to reasonable offers. Located in Bordeaux, France but can be shipped.
  5. Wanted: RD07/07a numberplate/taillight holder

    For Sale / Wanted
    Seeking a numberplate/taillight holder to fit my RD07. You know the black plastic thing that holds the tail light and sticks down out of the back of the bike. Am attemptng to sex up the look of my bike and want to give it a shorter rear mudguard/numberplate/taillight holder/rallye look. So...
  6. Dashboard broke, need advice.

    Hello ppl. My old Dashboard from my Africa Twin(RD07(1993)) got broke in a accident I had some month ago and can't sadly not be fixed any more.:( So now I have been looking at different replacements for the old one. I've been looking at this one from touratech, the IMO-100R Plus Rallye...
  7. Anyone on here ever heard of them????

    GoldenTyre: Enduroreifen für Sport-, Rallye- oder Reiseenduros some good looking tyres with decent prices
  8. '80s Transalp porn

    Found this thread over on ADVriders. Did a quick search, and don't think it's been posted or linked on here before. Apologies if it has. Nostalgia : Transalp Rallye 1989 - ADVrider
  9. Rally Replica from FRANCE

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys! I live in France and I've 25. And I am customing an Africa Twin to do in August a trip to Istanbul in Turkey. I've decided to give a rallye look to my bike and lengthen the suspensions (+7cm). And make a little lightweight. :rolleyes: My Rd04 one month ago when i buyed it in south...
  10. Ex Dakar XR650 2001 What's It Worth?????

    Found this bike for sale, not viewed it but being told it was used in the Dakar and comes with loads of spares (awaiting list) has the full Rallye Raid tanks front and rear and Ohlins shock, roadbook etc I guess my question is what do you think its worth? Your thoughts much appreciated as I...
  11. R.I.P JCO

    Yesterday Jean-Claude Olivier (Sonauto Yamaha) was killed in a collission between a Truck and his Car in/near Paris. A Man for whom motorcycles and Motorcycle Sport was his Passion and his Career. A great loss for his Family, Yamaha and the Dakar Rally. Au Revoir JC. History of this Great Mans...
  12. Hein Gericke Problems

    Is it just me? Following on from my post about waterproof boots, I ordered a pair of Hein Gericke Rallye boots in their 30% discount sale. I ordered on the 29th, paid using PayPal immediately, but have still not received them. I've used the HG contact form on their site and emailed them, but...
  13. New boot recommendations

    Folks With winter banging on the doorstep, it's time for me to consider some new boots. A recent email from the born again (in the UK) Hein Gericke is offering the HG Rallye 3 GTX boots with 30% off at £153, which I quite like the look of. Does anyone have these boots? Can you tell me if...
  14. Lee Cooper Africa Twin 'Replica'

    Africa Twin
    How do all ! Toying with the idea of giving Goliath a bit of a make over (partly to stop me buying a 2002 rsvr mille !) . Original 'paint scheme' was done quick and on the cheap. I quite fancy doing a Lee Cooper Dakar replica. Ive found 2 pics on the web, but cant find any more. Ive managed...
  15. See waht i found

    CRF - New Forum!
    just looking for bikes locally on ebay motors and found this Honda CRF450X 2007 Rally bike [Rallye Dakar Desert KTM] | eBay
  16. Riders BMW day Abergaveeny

    Riders BMW day Abergaveeny 15th july Nicked from south west bikers Following on from Riders Ducati and Harley-Davidson® demo events at this popular biker meet, it's now time for the 2012 BMW test ride day. Join us in Abergavenny on Sunday 15th July for your chance to try out the latest...
  17. Africa Twin Red Bull Rallye

    Africa Twin
    Hello, my name is Gabriel and i'm from Porto, Portugal. I am the proud owner of a 1996 Africa Twin, wich i have just finished some updates, so i hope you like it! Here are some pics from the bike on her natural habitat, and also after the whole upgrade! Cheers!
  18. Rallye Oasis (Paris-Dakar)

    Old news for some, but I'll post them anyway. EN - 1978: 182 vehicules for the first rally - YouTube (I really like the guy with the standard Airhead, either crazy, or with balls the size of the bikes cylinders)...
  19. BMW for 2012

    Three facelifted models: BMW F800GS Trophy, Bmw g650 gs sertao, and Bmw r1200gs rallye. The Trophy: The Sertao: And finally the Rallye:
  20. eBay: Looks a tidy project to be finished...

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Africa Twin rally rallye Paris Dakar RD04 XRV750 African Queens Ohlins Marzocchi | eBay What i know about bikes and especially doing them up you could write on the back of a stamp but this looks a good buy for someone at the right price. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing...