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  1. Fuel Tank Range

    I've just bought a 2013 Transalp XL700v anyone know what range I'll get out of the tank.
  2. Ride offroad enduro club

    Competitions / Trials
    Does anyone on here ride with the ride offroad enduro club. iv been trying to get intouch with wayne or sonya for weeks. iv rang loads and got no answer and sent 3 e mails with no replys. if anyone rides with them do you have any other contact details for them.
  3. Transalp tank range

    Hi everybody this is my first post,I have just down sized from a gs 1200 to a 700 transalp I was just wondering what sort of tank range will I get,I don't ride fast just tend to keep to 70/74 on the motorway and on country roads no more than about 60 so what do you all think.cheers tony
  4. Stelvio tank range

    Moto Guzzi
    HI, Any one know what the MPG & tank range is four a 4 valve stelvio, Thanks Ian:thumbright:
  5. You rang Mr Bodie?

    I dunno, repeats can be confusing. One minute I'm watching Hudson be all subservient and christian like in Upstairs Downstairs, then the adverts come on so I flick channels and there he is telling Bodie and Doyle to kick someone's teeth in. It's all bit too much on my day off innit!