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  1. Passing Strangers

    Africa Twin
    Anybody riding past the prison in Swansea today on a @T. Was on the way back home from Singleton when someone riding a @T waved too me going the opposite direction, (same colour scheme as my avatar). Just managed to wave back in time. Great to see another @T rider out and about in the area.
  2. For Sale: crf250l dirt bagz ranger pannier set

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale. Condition is as new. Purchased from the US. Great bit of kit. Im looking for £115 delivered . Comes with all fittings
  3. Memory map on iPhone 4S

    Has anyone used memory map 50k on the iPhone for off road, I have the app on my phone but only gives you base map of uk, it says for £24.99 I can get 50k land ranger which gives you over 30 times the size of the Lake District, over 70,000sqkm. I would of course still have a map and not depend...
  4. Sat Nav v iphone?

    I've never had the urge / desire for a satnav, I use AutoRoute on my laptop in the truck but I have recently been using my iphone 4S with Navfree and View Ranger for bike distance travel and byway bimbling. I'm planning a couple of European trips next year and questioning whether I need a...
  5. Invitation to my open 'studios' event Herefordshire

    Yes it is that time of year again. My annual Hereford Art week thing, most of the county's arty types are doing the open studios thing, I prefer the phrase Open Shed. Anyways, it starts on September7th and runs through to the 15th here is a link to the official site with directions etc Sculpture...
  6. who has heard of

    Now I'm a skeptical old git, especially about charities (many of which spin a tale about something genuinely tragic to get your cash, and then spend much of it on some dodgy political lobbying they never told you about...) but look interesting. There's waffle on the web site but here's...
  7. XRV Charity Calendar

    Charity Events
    Hi, newbie here. I am still finding my way around on here but am no stranger to bike forums and I like to try to make a positive contribution where I can. One of the things I have enjoyed doing on other forums is organising a photo competition of members bikes in interesting places and then...
  8. Final ride?

    I was just looking at this on Facebook and thinking what a good idea when a comment caught my eye. I couldn't help thinking he must be a lobotomized power ranger. Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  9. Big thank you to all ..................

    National Meets
    I would just like to say thanks for the company of so many old & new, as you know i am a bit of a stranger on here , even Geoff Francis posts more than me :D. Once again it has been an awesome national and the weather certainly played a huge part. Thanks firstly to Eastcoast & Agnes for their...
  10. Back in civilisation...

    After 1805km in the saddle I'm back at home for a few days:rolleyes: Went over to Vermenton in Frenchieland to see my old boss and friend, and popped round the corner to see Moon too:thumbup: Came back the scenic route and discovered that we've got some of the best biking roads in Europe...
  11. Ural Ranger RH powered sidecar

    Ural / Zundapp
    Just wandering if anyone has the 2wd Ural Ranger with the RH side car and if so how easy are they to live with since considering getting into the ex-military vehicle look and the Ural would be more fun than a S2 Landrover.
  12. May need to buy a new white power ranger suit soon ........

    I've been sniffing around for the last six months trying to work out what my next bike is going to be - thats half the fun isn't it :D . And I've decided I'm following in Samih's footsteps and bought a DL1000 Vstrom :shock: If you don't think its ugly then the other charecteristics - weight...