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  1. Chattering carbs

    Africa Twin
    Hello eveyrone Long time since I've needed the collective help. I've just replaced the choke cable, and now the carbs are very noisy. It wasn't like that before. Any suggestions as to whats going on. And while we are at it, the reason I replaced the Choked cable, it was hesitating under full...
  2. One last question... for the moment!! Model ranges?

    I want to order a load of bits for the "new" Vara tomorrow from David Silver as I have an account there which makes dealing with the paperwork easy at this end ;) The problem is they only go up to 2002/3 with the Vara and the girl I have got is an 05. So, how much interchangability over the...
  3. RD04 Chassis Numbers

    Africa Twin
    I've seen this posted in the past, but can't seem to find it with a search. Does anyone have any kind of record of RD04 chassis number ranges, relating to years they were manufactured? I'm particularly interested in bikes for the French market. Thanks Bob
  4. Who's got the oddest job on the forum?

    Your nominations please for who on the forum does the strangest thing for a living. We've got a man who wears a top hat and a spangly coat; one who makes garage doors; another who organises logistics but lives 80 miles from the office (!), but my nomination is for transporting crabs to French...
  5. Arctic circle charity ride

    Two BMW R 1200 R riders set off from the Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire on the first stage of their 4,500-mile charity ride to Nordkapp in Norway, the most northern point of Europe, deep within the Arctic Circle. Neil Hardman, 37, a police traffic motorcyclist, and Dave Smith, 52, from the...
  6. Riding in France...

    Hi, just a quickie, I'm off down through France (St.Malo) to the Pyrenees at the start of May, it will be my first time riding abroad so are there any pointers/hints/tips? We'll be traveling down on a sunday and I have heard that fuel could be a problem 'cos of shut petrol stations? Our bikes...
  7. AT spotted on eppynt military road

    Spotted a nice looking Africa Twin travelling over the Eppynt Military Ranges today (31st December). Around 2pm to 3pm.
  8. Testing BMW boots

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After many months of saving I bought a pair of BMW Santiago Gore tex boots, So like every thing you but you have to evaluate and test the new kit so I did, and here's how they performed. They where very clean and I looked like someone from the Blue Oyster club in my Leathers. So 0800 left the...
  9. front sprocket rattle

    Strangest thing happened. I got a rattle that I put down to the chain being dry, it didn't look dry so I cleaned the chain and re oiled it. Still got the rattle. Took the front sprocket cover off, then slackened the chain so I could check the sprocket. It was very slack on the splines. Cold...
  10. Strangest place to find a @ Engine?

    Africa Twin
    Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter Spalders aka Neil Spalding posted this on twitter...wierd.
  11. Altberg at Perth, Inverness, Inverurie and Aberdeen

    Mechanical Advice
    Altberg are out and about so it's a good chance to see them if a trip to Yorkshire is awkward! (If you don't know about Altberg boots, search this forum; I don't want to clutter this post by going on about them here.) They say... Nigel Cocks - one of our senior specialist boots fitters will...
  12. My suggestion for seizing main stand

    Thought I'd mention this, even though sort of mentioned before. I had to assist my mainstand with my foot to make it return. So, having some time spare on Saturday, decided to regrease my stand. Bearing in mind it's a 2006 model, i.e. not old, you wouldn't have thought it so hard getting the...
  13. Suzuki offers cheap finance

    Suzuki is from today offering all new 650 V-Strom bikes on reduced finance of just 2% APR. The move adds ten other bikes on the 2% finance deal and five bikes – the GSX-R600, GSX650F, SV650 Sport and Bandit 650 range – on 0% finance. Headlining the 2% finance range is the Gladius...
  14. The Strangest Thing

    Whilst happily walking the dog at a local jaunt and deep in conversation with Hudders on the phone a car screetched to a holt just outside the gates of the park I was at, then there was aload of shouting and a woman screaming ......I hung up on hudders and ran to check out the commotion. When I...
  15. hi from Africa

    Well really only Morocco, we have been here from almost three weeks and are having a blast .. some techincal issue (like my fuel tank spurng a leak). But other then that all is going well. There has been a few suprises like we were cought in a flood (well it just missed us actually), the temps...
  16. My first "off" for 29 years today

    Feeling sorry for myself today. During May and june I rode round western europe. I rode through 4 mountain ranges, a desert and 4 countries without a hitch or a scare. However today, 100 yards from my friends house, I managed to clip a grass verge which "grabbed" the bike (transalp 700v) and...
  17. Torque Wrench question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Everyone, I need to buy a torque wrench for working on the Tigger. Most wrenches (affordable ones) have ranges from 10-80nm, which seems to cover most of my needs. I've got some parts that need lower settings, like 6-7nm... If I use a wrench with 8nm as a lowest setting and just pull the...
  18. Finally!!!

    Africa Twin
    It's official! Honda will re-issue the good old Africa of Twin. It has been suggested at a meeting held in London last month that a lot of current and ex-owners of this mythical model would buy a new AT if Honda would make it available again. So here it is from the Lion's mouth: the AT will...
  19. Just popping out for Coffee

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was very miserable this morning and even though had planned to go out on the bike decided to sulk at nothing and not go. Jay phone me at 930 and told me to goout and meet phil and MoM for coffee. A few phone calls and 40 minutes later I sat at Coryton petrol station waiting for Phil on the...
  20. The sun was out-ish

    Woke up this morning, rolled out of bed, felt like a dog that had been kicked in the head..................... Fresh air was called for. So with No2 son in tow off we went.................RALIO That's welsh for Rallying The Tour of Epynt was on the Military Ranges at Brecon. Just a couple or...