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  1. Recommend an insurance company for Honda trailie import please

    Bought a Honda NX4 Falcon trail bike on a bit of a whim, having withdrawal symptoms after selling my old XLV. It's lovely but seem to have problems finding anyone to provide comp or TPFT insurance cover, I know I should have checked this out first, previous imports I've had haven't been a...
  2. Boris Jr swells the ranks

    Another biker is born. My eldest has just joined the ranks of motorbike ownership. He has been looking for ages in the sub £1K region for a good second hand bike and they all seemed to be either clunkers or went for silly money. Even the cheap Chinese bikes seemed to be either cruiser replicas...
  3. Opinion needed for RD07A center stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I'd like to receive opinions of RD07A users of center stands. What I rank most in a center stand: - effectively standing the bike - robustness - ease of operation - price SW Motech dealer in Portugal asked me 163EUR for ref. HPS.01.023.100 :mad: Your help will be much appreciated...
  4. Joining the ranks

    Everything Orange - KTM
    On Sunday I shall be joining the "Everything Orange" ranks. I'll be picking up my KTM 950 ADV. A 2004 with 20k up in, well, black ?!? I went to see a friend of mine that's well into the 950's and he made me ride one (that's what I told the missus anyway). I was then compelled to buy it. I...
  5. Advice required please - CONTINENTAL ESCAPE tyres

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Can anyone tell me what these are like in the wet and dry, mainly road work. If anyone can give me their opinion on what they would rank as top, out of these 3, I would be grateful. Of corse if any one would rank another type, tops that is in the same price bracket, please tell. These all sit...
  6. TLD 2009- The numbers issue

    The Longest Day
    Prior to the moderating team deleting them, I read all the posts in the “participants thread” regarding certain peeps wanting to keep their start number from last year, Interesting reading: both for & against. I’m a new boy I’ll take what I’m given & be thankful. That being said, personally...
  7. Who wants a fight

    I have just had a signed contract retracted by someone pulling rank and deciding to try someone else, if I get shirty I wont get anything from that firm till a new grown up get to sit in the chair. doG I am p1ssed off. So who wants a fight. I have to get all this aggression out of my system...
  8. Guess What I Found !!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS.......Beertastic's STOLEN Dominator....ex of Anton88 I believe !! Saw the front of a bike in a street I was passing and it rang a I doubled back for a better look and this was sitting there......on a Taxi Rank !!! It's been hot wired ...I think you could connect...
  9. Cutting down the standard sceen

    Africa Twin
    Going to have a go at this. Just need to know what tools those who have done it used, and also if anyone knows where to get new piping mine is ten years old and rank!