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  1. be careful out there children

    earlier this week in the Var (southern france) a motorcyclist died when his scarf caught in his wheel. despite the rapid help from a bystander who saw the accident & ran to cut the scarf. the winter period is dangerous enough as it is on a bike, lets try & not add to the risk by just not...
  2. xr650 exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    hi i have seen on evilbay a xr650 full exhaust system before i bid ....Would it fit onto a dommie head ? A rapid answer would be really really appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  3. Thatcher op

    I see Maggie has had an op to remove a small growth. The growth contained minor traces of compassion. If left untreated it can develop into a social concience. Rapid invasive treatment at a private hospital has ensured all traces have been eradicated with little chance of it recuring.
  4. Good old Supersonics

    Was at my works xmas lunch yesterday, FREE BAR from midday until 7pm, then we went down town for some more rapid fire. Got home at 11pm Sooooo-- why am I not feeling ill ?? Feeling absolutely fine, if I had been on the lowflyers, I wouldn't have made even 5pm What is it about gin and tonic...
  5. Hard to find plastic or rubber parts for your bike?

    Mechanical Advice
    Came across these guys while researching a project for work. Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Tooling | 3D Printing Complex Plastic & Metal Parts - CRDM Amongst other things they can manufacture one off / small runs of custom parts in automotive grade plastics and rubber. They can also take 3D scans...
  6. Are bikes invisible?

    I went out for a wee run today and was happily going up the A7 towards Edinburgh, dry, sun shining, what more could you ask for? On the top of Middleton moor there is a straight bit of road with a layby about half way along on the left, as I got nearer I could see there were a few scooters and 2...
  7. Great braking and swerving training course

    Last weekend I did an 'Advanced Machine Skills' course with Martin Hopp Rider Training. This was run (on this particular occasion) at RAF Marham, and we spent the day practising all kinds of slow and fast turning and swerving; and braking for both control and and rapid deceleration. The bikes...
  8. Hazard flashers for the KLE500

    Here is a link to how it is done on Kawasaki's KLE500(KLE 500 Hazard Lights Project) the rapid share link doesnt work anymore, but i will try to put my saved copy on so you can see the diagrams. Hope it helps!
  9. still amazing

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Yup my trusty old Transalp still amazes me! last week end I had a couple of days out with the usual gang here, the route went something like this Auxerre - N151 & N 977 - Nevers -N7 - Moulins -N7 & N9 - Gannat - Clermont Ferrand. This route is now mostly either dual carriageway...
  10. Bolts for chain Guard & Chain Guide on XL700va 2010

    Just bought a Chain Guide and Guard from Romatech in Germany but the bolts are a bit naff and the originals that i removed from the OEM parts are too long wrong fit to re-use... Are they M-8's or 10's ...???? I would get a ruler out but I thought there may be some knowledge on these out...
  11. Tubless tyres on an AT

    Africa Twin
    The Bmw 1200 GS has tubeless, the new Super Tenere also. Are there tubeless rims out there that cold be fitted to an AT hub? Both the above have spoked wheels, the spokes dont protrude into the air cavity of the tyre so no leakage issues. Could any of those rims be laced on? I suppose the...
  12. BMW Costs

    Let me say first of all this is NOT a BMW knocking so please don't take it as such. I got talking to a guy today who is a rapid responce engineer for a security systems company in and around London. His company vehicle is a BMW 1250 GS on a 58 reg, he has just had the final drive thingy...
  13. Cheap and quick repair.

    Dominator / FMX
    The fairing on my newly acquired Domi was cracked due to an altercation the previous owner had with a garage wall. I wanted to tidy it up without spending a lot of money on matching paint and stuff so I decided to do a repair and paint it to match the existing black logos that are on the tank...
  14. EU press release: Brakes and lights

    Motorcycle safety and emission performance: European Commission proposes substantial improvements The European Commission has proposed the mandatory fitting of advanced braking systems on new motorcycles and automatic headlamp-on switching for all L-category vehicles. This category covers a...
  15. There are always some ..

    that seem to spoil it for eveyone . A very good friend of mine who is also a biker has a a house on a greenlane ,there are many bikes that pass through there and he or his wife are always out to open the gate ,offering coffee to anyone who stops or offering assistance if it is needed ...
  16. First ride on the Vara this year

    Having ridden the Tiger through the winter, the mighty Vara has been hibernating in the garage (and being polished & having toys fitted :D). Anyway, beautiful weather yesterday so filled her up and out I went for a nice ride. WOW! I'd forgotten just what a great bike the Varadero is! It just...
  17. Transport Committee slates bike test

    MPs on the Transport committee have slated the introduction of the new test for bikers fearing the drop in riders taking the test means more will ride illegally. “The introduction of the new European motorcycle test in the UK has not gone smoothly and efficiently, despite a very long...
  18. V-Strom DL650 Technical help?

    Hey guys, can someone please give me some advice on something. My bike slid out from under me, on an ice patch, after I left for work. Only minor damage, thank god for the engine guards, but now it won't start. I have power and when I turn it on and off there's this rapid clicking...
  19. XR400 test ride.....WOW!

    Oh my god! There a bit of a pain to start, my legs are still knackered 3hrs later! But when started!!!! having second thoughts about using one as a commuter now! May have been the gearing, but that was rapid! and didn't appreciate just how high they are! fun fun fun:D but think i need to test...
  20. XR125 not starting.

    Got my xr125 out yesterday for a run and after a couple of failed starts (engine turning then cutting out) and plenty of expletives inside my helmet I realised that I had turned the fuel valve to the off position (yes, I agree, I am an idiot). Turned the valve back to the on position but all I'm...