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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I've recently discovered a rattle from the clutch cover on my 93 rd07. It happens when the clutch is pulled in. I'm thinking that it's the release bearing, wondering if anyone had any other ideas? Thanks Stewart Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello! I did a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything similar to my issue. My 2nd gear rattles quite a lot when I open the throttle throughout all the rev range. The rattle occurs only in 2nd gear and only during aceleration. I'm sure it comes from the gearbox and it's not something...
  3. Transalp
    How much do you think it would cost to get a Transalp 600 properly resprayed. ie not rattle cans at home it would be... - two white side rear panels - two red/white front panels - red/white tank - red mudguards - red cowling any ideas? £300? £400 £500?
  4. Varadero
    Hi. i have this known problem of clutch noise/knocking/rattleing on idle and when you pull the clutch the noise stops. so i read that this was fixed by changing the bearing?..question is where is this bearing ??? mine is 2004 ABS . the mileage is not correct but i assume it should be
  5. Transalp
    I bought a '87 Transalp and is possibly needs another engine (front cilinder has 0 compression and is 'rattling'). I'm gonna pull the engine out anyway to check out the condition, but I'm not too positive. This Transalp has the black engine, do the newer gray engines also fit?
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone ... im new...and i need help ..My rd07 AT 93' started making a strange rattling noise on my right side were the discs are...when i pull the clutch it stops...or in neutral and over 2000 rpm it stops...i think i can hear it when i ride in second gear with passenger...seen a couple of...
  7. XR
    On my way home today from a ride out got through my gates when the bike cut out , i kicked it over but it lacked compression , when it did fire up there was a loud rattling and the engine timing was out , i.e. missing, i'm guessing somethings knackered , any ideas ???
  8. Africa Twin
    Hello there, Does anyone know the dimension (inner and outer diameter, total length of both springs together) and spring rate of the front fork springs? With wirth springs the bike is still to soft fort me. Cheers, Norman
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a rd04 seat/base. Going to build my own but need the base. The rattier (cheaper) the better! :) /Johan
  10. Africa Twin
    For last couple years my head was melting ....:mad: indicators have mind of there owen ! Flashing to fast or slow sometime just stay on or wouldn't work at all and effect headlights... cleaned relay still same , so got cheap relay of fleabay now everyone can see where I'm going :D no more abuse ...
  11. Other Honda
    Looking to freshen up my latest toy, the lower fork legs are a little tired / chipped / faded and looking to apply some satin black rattle can paint. Anyone recommend the process / materials ie what primer/ etch, top coat and any clear laquer please, please don't be scared about naming names...
  12. Africa Twin
    Right, changed the clutch on the AT a few weeks ago & went well worked fine. It has now developed a rattle when the clutch is pulled in is there a bearing that will cause this?
  13. Transalp
    Hi all, does anybody know what the length of the camchain tensioner spring should be on the ta 89' ? I removed the tensioner as trying to find the cause of my engine rattle, but it seems okay? maybe the spring is outside of spec ? thanks in adavnce, chris.
  14. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    spotted this rat TA in trade-it at weston-s-m £455 Used Honda Transalp Rat bike, Honda, Super moto, Petrol, in Weston-Super-Mare. Second Hand Cars TT340F8A8
  15. Transalp
    Just noticed a rattle from the inside of the tank on my 700 today. Sounds like it could be part of the fuel level indicator or something. Almost like the float is loose (if it has one). Sound familiar?
  16. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've recently noticed a rattle that has developed in the water pump on the @. I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced a similar problem? I'm hoping there will be a cheap remedy as the main component seems to be around £150. Thanks all. :thumbright:
  17. Africa Twin
    My front brake has rattled since I bought the bike. Today I figured time to clean out the calipers and found I was missing the small spring from each side Amazing the image has uploaded. the part numbered 8 spring pad are both missing; is this likely to be the cause of the rattle?
  18. Spotted
    who went past the Tree Inn Stratton near Bude on Saturday night 27th July , I was tucking into a ,massive plate of ribs in the restaraunt as it went by,
  19. Transalp
    Tried the search facility to no avail on this. I'm getting a rattle at tickover, sounds like a camchain as soon as you feed the clutch in to pull away the noise stops. Any ideas ? cam chain ? does the Transalp 600 have balancers ?
  20. Africa Twin
    Hey guys, Just got the facet installed, it is the one sold by rugged roads. The problem is that when the tank nears empty, it starts to rattle. I know that when you fill the tank it goes away, but what happens if you cant fill the tank immediatelly and you have to ride 40-50 miles before a gas...
1-20 of 31 Results