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  1. Africa Twin Fork Extensions Kits & Rear Lift Kits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to demand I have put into production a new batch of riser kits comprising of from fork extensions with valves and rear U bracket. I have received several requests through Facebook etc and am having 10 sets produced. There are at least 5 sets available so if anyone interested to reserve a set...
  2. Rear Spring Rate RD02

    Dominator / FMX
    Morning all, Does anyone know the standard spring rate for the rear shock? Or has anyone fitted an aftermarket shock and know what the spring rate is for their set-up? Thanks Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  3. XR 125 LED 3P connector

    Hello Has anyone changed their indicators to LED ones and what is the relay that will work properly ie proper 'flash' rate ...I notice it's a 3P on the XR L6 and that there are only 2 pins wired in ones I've seen on ebay? I'm not very clever with electrics,but is this the kind of thing I should...
  4. Metzeler Tourance NEXT?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Has anyone fitted the latest version of the Tourance NEXT and if so how do they rate them? I need to replace my old normal Tourance rear on the TA600 and since the bike never goes off road thought I would opt for a road tyre and it seems to come out better than the Anakee 3 in tests and...
  5. RD07 high Mileage machines. What's your mileage and what have you had to do to it ??

    Africa Twin
    I've bought my fourth Africa Twin. I just couldn't live without one. Again !! But it's also the highest mileage one I've had at 76,000 miles. I know they're good for a lot more. I've rebuilt one at 55,000 miles for a customer and I really wouldn't have bothered. It looked and rode like new...
  6. Batzen Screen Adjuster - CRF1000L - Anyone got one?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Still struggling with the screen on my new AT; Stock screen looks great but I get bad buffering above 50mph, my lower Powerbronze screen has no buffering, but no wind protection either :( I am thinking of getting the Batzen Screen adjuster, anyone got one and is it any good? I am 5ft...
  7. RD03 forks srping rate

    Africa Twin
    Hello there, Does anyone know the dimension (inner and outer diameter, total length of both springs together) and spring rate of the front fork springs? With wirth springs the bike is still to soft fort me. Cheers, Norman
  8. whats the going rate for a full set of rear rd04 plastics etc?

    Africa Twin
    Both side panels, rear cowl, rack, light. Have stripped mine off to further the ratification of the sumo. Might ebay but would rather sell to forum member. Am not paid up at the moment but will sign up on completion of sale �� :thumbup:
  9. a bit quite on hear tonigh or this morning

    what ever the case may be . im watching the Mike Leigh film naked right now on youtube its pretty good I really rate him as a director . im going for a smoke at about 50 minuites into the film the bloke cant smoke but I can . isn't all this technology at our disposal fantastic before the...
  10. Front wheel needed

    Africa Twin
    While re-seating the front tyre last night I noticed a small bit of internal corrosion which upon inspection turned oout to be totally rotten :( anyone got a wheel they can sell me? Nearly €400 by the time I get it shipped over and back and exchange rates
  11. Indicators flash rate

    Africa Twin
    For last couple years my head was melting ....:mad: indicators have mind of there owen ! Flashing to fast or slow sometime just stay on or wouldn't work at all and effect headlights... cleaned relay still same , so got cheap relay of fleabay now everyone can see where I'm going :D no more abuse ...
  12. XR250R lecky problem.

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi folks, I bought an ex mod 1996 XR250R, I've had all the mot work & engine work done, the problem is the lad cannot sort out the electrics on it to take it for an MOT, what happens is, the lights work, the indicators work the horn works, but not all at the same time, if I have the lights on...
  13. HID bulbs making trip computer restart

    Hi all I have a problem all of a sudden whenever I ride in town and switch on my headlights my trip computer completely looses all power and the restarts. As soon as the AT has been running a few kms nothing happens to the trip computer when I switch on the lights. I thought that the HID...
  14. Help with shipping a fuel tank. England to Montreal, Canada

    Africa Twin
    I am trying to buy an RD03 fuel tank but can't find an affordable shipper. Let's say the box would be 24" x 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm x 60cm) and that the parcel would weight 5kg (who knows the exact weight of a fuel tank?) What has the cheapest rate to ship, considering I am in no rush? British...
  15. electrics

    Africa Twin
    hi lads im after a bit of info.can anyone tell me if il need to up rate charging system on my africa twin 1996 if i wont to fit heagted grips sat nav spots aux sockits and so on.its my first africa twin so any info greatfully excepted.:cool:
  16. 150% council tax!

    If you purchase a property that has been empty for some time, you get no longer get any free council tax period, even on a property undergoing renovation/not habitable. If said newly acquired property has been empty for 2 years or more (eg, reposession) you may have to pay 150% council tax rate...
  17. No power on AT. Any idea where fuse is?

    How to.....
    Ready to shoot myself in the head at moment. Just pulled out to join a group on a ride out and lost all power to the bike. New batt, new mosfet reg/rec, and multiple stops at garage to ensure batt was still charging. I was charging my phone in the 12v socket on way here and plugged it in as I...
  18. dominator acerbis tank. whats it worth?

    Dominator / FMX
    been put in touch with someone who as an acerbis 22l tank for a dominator. he's asking 100 euros. i dont think i will ever need one but could be handy to have. you never know. whats the going rate of one of those now a days. is 100 euros a good price? thanks . mark
  19. Still a busy forum?

    I know we grumble about how the forum isn't the place it used to be and how the rate and pace of threads can be a bit slow, but I have my XT660R's advertised on here, ABR,, and the HUBB. Viewing stats for the identical adverts each of which was posted within afew minutes of each other...
  20. Wanted: Transalp Wheels wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking for a pair of wheels for a 1998 transalp, wheels from a 650 will also fit. What have you? I will pay going rate and pick up straight away, or pay postage. Thanks