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  1. Rectifier Regulator Problem

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I have a 1999(according to the Vin) and 2001 (First registration in South Africa) and the reg/rect has died. Reading here has kind of shown that you can maybe use a unit from another bike. Any one done this successfully. Waiting for delivery in South Africa is 3 weeks and I was due...
  2. Piston replacement

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Just picked up a FMX 650 that’s had a replacement engine. It came with the old engine that’s got a shagged piston but apart from that it’s in good shape. I’m looking to buy a new piston and rebuild the old engine. My question is can I use the same diameter 100mm piston from the XR650L...
  3. Whats this suff worth?

    I have just been offered the bargain of a lifetime or is it? Its a 1961 Norton Slimline Featherbed with a few bits n bobs and I was wondering if its worth the sellers asking price? It has Danish registration papers too.:thumbup: It obviously needs a few bits n bobs and I am not keen on the...
  4. The Paddy Dakar

    Charity Calendar
    Hey lads, just a heads up.* Registration for this year's Paddy Dakar is open.* Dates are set for 29th Sept- 1st Oct.* Follow link to register.* There is a ferry discount code for anyone coming across to join us. Cheers Sent from my...
  5. SLR-FX-FMX Frame differences

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anybody know what differences (if any) there are between the SLR/FX and the FMX650 frames? I know the SLR and FX are identical because I've turned an SLR into an FX and vice versa. I'm interested in re-framing and older Vigor into an FMX650 to get a 2007 registration number. I can see the...
  6. Dominator Identification

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm in the process of bringing back to life, after five years of hibernation, a 2000 year registration Dominator, but have encountered a few issues while sourcing parts. My frame number is ZDCRD08AOXF321107. Is there a way of breaking down the frame number to identify model year, import model, etc ?
  7. U.K. First Registration

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, last week I finally brought an RD03 from France, I've been waiting a very long time for that moment. I'm in the process of getting everything sorted so it can be registered with the DVLA but I've run into a stumbling block. Because the bike is old enough not to have a EU...
  8. Taller back suspension

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hello. I am about to install to my rd07a a taller back suspension from a ktm. The question is: if the suspension is, lets say, 1cm taller how much taller would the back side of the bike become? Something like x3 ratio or no?
  9. Age related proof for dvla registration.

    Hi, all. Don't know where to post this. Honda UK, can't age proof my bike, ( too old) they have pointed me to a Honda club as a possible way of checking and age relating the bike. frame number and engine number. I have spoken to David silvers, who has provided some info and also pointed me to a...
  10. Headlight dip switch

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, just got my AT delivered and noticed that the push button for the main/dip beam sticks in, have any of you had this? Is there an easy fix or is it a new switch, I tried a spray of penetration fluid but made no difference Thanks in advance JTP
  11. XL 600 carb questions, new bike

    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an 89 xl 600 rmg I think? It's originally from Germany and I'm going to sort the UK registration. It has an XR 600? Dual carb fitted apparently? It looks similar. Is there any advantage to this,? The seller said it improved power. I have the original carb in a...
  12. Paddy Dakar 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi folks, Just to let everyone know that registration for this years Paddy Dakar is open, but numbers will be limited this year. We are using a new system this year to make registration as easy and seamless as possible. So to avoid disappointment get in early. Here is the link for your...
  13. For Sale: 1990 RD04 - Ulaanbaator (UK registered)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Fancy a ride Mongolia to UK? UK registered 1990 RD04 92,000 km in great condition. I have just finished London to Ulaanbaator and have decided to sell the bike here in UB rather than ship. The bike didn't miss a beat, except for a regulator in Poland. It comes with a very long list of spares...
  14. Aftermarket speedometer for Transalp 1987

    Hi, First post on this forum. does anyone know where to find an aftermarket "Mini speedo" which fits the direct on the speedo drive wire? My bike is a Transalp (XL600V) 1987, I am looking for an analog meter with speedometer, high beam indicator, oil indicator, neutral indicator and turn...
  15. Too many shiny happy birthday threads!

    Mods - we're all going birthday greeting crazy! It's such a warm, happy place here! Any chance of rationalising our multiple birthday thread? :)
  16. Brake calipers, replacement items, not OEM but whatever I can get .....

    Africa Twin
    Am looking at getting a set of calipers to replace the OEM items. Maybe off a bandit or VFR (due to quantity available etc) but am not sure if I need to be careful of spacing to the spokes, and the master cylinder ratio etc 13mm/12mm etc. Anybody done this? Reason is that even to get my OEM...
  17. Goodbye Heine Gericke...

    Heine Gericke UK in administration as of yesterday. Maybe the flood of 'special offer' emails I get from them will subside now... Not closed yet, still being run by administrators but I guess there will be cuts as a minimum, shame for the staff, I know how it feels...
  18. do honda have a @twin evolution?

    Africa Twin
    i believe yes!!! they have it... 170kg 75hp at 7000rpm 80 Nm @ 5500 rpm Liquid cooled V-twin cylinder four stroke, OHC, 4 valves 820cc 6 gears and they have it since 1989!!?!?!? they use to call it NXR750R!!!!! so why they keep s**t**ing us up? with slopy versions off adventure bikes? fire...
  19. Get your wallet out!

    4-sale Original Cagiva 950 Rally from CH-Racing. 15.300 EUR at: Cagiva Elefant Rally als Enduro/Reiseenduro in Ansbach
  20. XR400 chain and sprockets

    Need to replace the chain and sprockets on my Y-reg XR400. I want to slightly undergear from standard, and I believe that the standard is 15-45 tooth sprockets with a 108 link, 520 profile chain. Should I go smaller on the front, say to a 14-45 (1:3.21) combination? Or should I go larger on the...