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  1. Clutch release bearing rattle

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I've recently discovered a rattle from the clutch cover on my 93 rd07. It happens when the clutch is pulled in. I'm thinking that it's the release bearing, wondering if anyone had any other ideas? Thanks Stewart Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. 2nd gear rattle.

    Africa Twin
    Hello! I did a quick search in the forum but didn't find anything similar to my issue. My 2nd gear rattles quite a lot when I open the throttle throughout all the rev range. The rattle occurs only in 2nd gear and only during aceleration. I'm sure it comes from the gearbox and it's not something...
  3. Clutch rattle ..

    Africa Twin
    Clutch rattle is excessive it does quieten when i pull in lever but its excessive and i need to sort it !Now i am still not ready to pull it apart so i still dont know whether its just worn plates or more serious ..I was looking on you tube and i found a guy called [email protected] who can...
  4. Looking for XL600V headlamp cowl in original red colour

    Hi, I'm trying to restore my bike and the existing headlamp cowling was repaired and resprayed using rattle cans by the previous owner. Does anyone have one still in original red colour and with the right Honda sticker, that they are planning to sell at some point? If so, please message me...
  5. Side panel 'grommets' missing?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks Got a rattle going on somewhere on my RD04. I've ordered some new bash plate rubbers / collars etc and when they come I'll remove the bash plate as I know that seems to be the most common cause of noises. Today I was giving my chain a clean and lube, and in the process was pushing...
  6. Transalp respray cost??

    How much do you think it would cost to get a Transalp 600 properly resprayed. ie not rattle cans at home it would be... - two white side rear panels - two red/white front panels - red/white tank - red mudguards - red cowling any ideas? £300? £400 £500?
  7. Rattle XL600vv

    1997 Transalp 90,000+ miles. Hi, I have a rattle from the front cylinder, it had appeared fairly quickly and it comes and goes, increases with revs, seems to go away for a bit when the motor heats up, but reappears badly when restart the engine is left for a short time. It is getting worse. So...
  8. Brake caliper bolts - sourcing and repalce or reuse

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hola. I hope this isn't too much of a newbie question but... I had a bit of a weird rattle coming from the front end whilst braking on cobble and, on checking, one of my caliper bolts (on my RD04) has gone AWOL So, my first question - It's these things right? OEM Honda Flange Bolt 8X40...
  9. I've been a **** with my padlocks

    Hi All....Another speedo cable buggered up...When i park up i put 4 padlocks on the discs either side of the calipers...Two year ago some nice kind person tried to move the bike at the Southend shakedown and put raised edges on two holes on each disc...took a while to find and fix was...
  10. Rattle at idle

    Hi guys new transalp 650 06 plate owner here... I have a rattle coming from what sounds like the clutch housing area... it only happens when the bike is in neutral and being revved.. she's idling nice and quiet but when you rev I can here a rattle when you the revs are coming down after closing...
  11. Clutch rattle on side stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yes, I know the clutch rattling is a very common theme, but on mine I hear a god-awful rattle when the bike is on the side stand. When placed upright or slightly right leaning, the sound goes away. The only thing I can think of is the chain driving the oil pump is loose enough to rattle...
  12. 125 rattle once warmed up

    Hi all! Not the first post I'd hoped to start with, but still :) I've had my 2008 125 Varadero for a couple of years without issue, recently though if the engine heats up, it'll get a hideous sounding rattle at around 2k-4k revs. The rattle doesn't seem to be a rhythmic ticking, it literally...
  13. Swap: My RD07 Red/White 'clothes' for yours?

    XRV Swap Shop
    I have an RD07 with Red/White colour scheme. For my upcoming trip I'll probably rattle can the bike in some dull colour to make it look as cheap as possible - seems a shame given the current bodywork is quite nice, and in good condition. So I'm open to the offer of swapping it for something...
  14. Fork Leg Paint suggestions

    Other Honda
    Looking to freshen up my latest toy, the lower fork legs are a little tired / chipped / faded and looking to apply some satin black rattle can paint. Anyone recommend the process / materials ie what primer/ etch, top coat and any clear laquer please, please don't be scared about naming names...
  15. NX650 1998 Rattle from front, NOT engine

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Just wondering if you guys have come across this and found the fault. Whilst riding and just chugging along, that's just off throttle in the wrong gear, there's a slow rattle from the front, could be under the tank area, like a loose plate bouncing about. I've checked the exhaust guard and...
  16. Desperately need front cylinder head & cams etc.

    Just been down to Poprad on my Varadero xl 1000 1999, had a great time & the old girl performed brilliantly as usual...or so I thought. Basically a rattle started in the front cylinder after I got off the ferry this side of the water on the way home, this rattle got progressively worse as I...
  17. SW Motech engine bars

    Africa Twin
    Are these made out of mild steel? I noticed a bloody annoying rattle tonight. Got off bike several times to try and find it and it turns out to be the Offside rear mounting. The weld has snapped. I will need to take them off and weld it back together, assuming its steel. Will need to do it at...
  18. Front brake and odd noise?

    Hi all, My 'new' '89 has needed a bit of work to make it a reliable (cdi unit) and safe (front brake) daily ride. I've rebuilt the master cylinder, replaced the piston seals, disc and pads, there seems to be decent pressure in the system but there's what I think to be excessive travel before...
  19. output shaft bearing noise?

    Africa Twin
    Hei, I bought my AT last year and it was in very good condition. Now, 10 000km later, it has an ugly rattle. It sounds like a Chain is rubbing somewhere, the sound comes in Waves I only hear it when I accellerate, and I am pretty sure it comes from the left side of the engine The bike has only...
  20. That's a relief

    Had an annoying rattle at the front for a while and I thought the cam chain on the front cylinder was about to let go. Turned out to be the little spacer top front of my Givi bars. I guess I didn't tighten the bolt that goes through it enough when I took them off and put them back on? Some...