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  1. Replacement engine Transalp '87, which fits?

    I bought a '87 Transalp and is possibly needs another engine (front cilinder has 0 compression and is 'rattling'). I'm gonna pull the engine out anyway to check out the condition, but I'm not too positive. This Transalp has the black engine, do the newer gray engines also fit?
  2. my rd07 ratling under 2000rpm in neutral

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone ... im new...and i need help ..My rd07 AT 93' started making a strange rattling noise on my right side were the discs are...when i pull the clutch it stops...or in neutral and over 2000 rpm it stops...i think i can hear it when i ride in second gear with passenger...seen a couple of...
  3. xr400 Sounds nasty

    On my way home today from a ride out got through my gates when the bike cut out , i kicked it over but it lacked compression , when it did fire up there was a loud rattling and the engine timing was out , i.e. missing, i'm guessing somethings knackered , any ideas ???
  4. Clutch rattle on side stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yes, I know the clutch rattling is a very common theme, but on mine I hear a god-awful rattle when the bike is on the side stand. When placed upright or slightly right leaning, the sound goes away. The only thing I can think of is the chain driving the oil pump is loose enough to rattle...
  5. RD04 strange rattling

    Africa Twin
    Hi m8 i´me restoring an rd04 . opened the engine to change the output shaft . today i started it for the 1st time but it has a strange rattling noise that seems to come from the back of the engine between the rear head and the starter motor , only does it when on the side-stand and if i...
  6. facet pump rattling

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, Just got the facet installed, it is the one sold by rugged roads. The problem is that when the tank nears empty, it starts to rattle. I know that when you fill the tank it goes away, but what happens if you cant fill the tank immediatelly and you have to ride 40-50 miles before a gas...
  7. Rattling front brake

    Africa Twin
    I have registered this for a while. While slowing down or dragging the brake lightly eg coasting down the high street in traffic I can hear a rattle from the front brake. it goes when I apply the brakes properly and is only there when I am barely using the brake. I had a go just now, push the...
  8. Rattling sound at 2000 & 4000 RPM....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Recently, my 2001 AT started to produce rattling sound when I throttle exactly at 2000 and 4000 rpm, +/-100rpm. The sound will be gone when the engine runs at other rpms. This seems very much like the resonance of some mechanical parts, as it is excited by the above 2 rpms, probably at...
  9. Handshakes and such

    I took the old Beemer down to my local Biker Cafe at the weekend and unlike my other bikes it generated a bit of interest amongst the patrons who are mainly ex forces (real or pretend), patch wearing rebels. I suppose all the rattling made them think it was a Harley :) Anyway I ended up...
  10. Wanted: Honda xl125 1985 front wheel and cylinderhead etc

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just bought a Honda XL 125 does anybody have a front wheel mines rusty as hell and topend its rattling quite bad for one of these bikes please let me know asap with price thanks in advance. I know its a long shot but somebody might just have the bits stuck in a garage somewhere. Thanks
  11. xr 600 into xl 600 lmf

    the engine went in a treat apart from carb was a bit tricky to fit into xl frame with central shock, the air dremmel removed a bit of the frame... now my xl/xr hybrid goes like stink.. with a low enough seat height! I had to re route the intake from a massive k&n filter. one word of advice if...
  12. Givi Engine Bar Issue

    Well, I've serviced the Alp, and the two Honda services must have left the tank on as the inner plugs and air filter were original honda and not new and shiny like the outer ones, so she now runs without the flat spot... Problem number two, Givi engine bars, the joiner at the front rattles, and...
  13. Rattling noise

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought a 1996 Africa twin which makes a rattling noise when you are in (any) gear and the throttle is in neutral position anyone experienced this? the clutch seems ok engages and pulls fine? gearbox maybe?
  14. XL 500 RC rattling help

    Having bought a 1984 XL 500 RC it rattled very noisily from what sounds like the top end. I disconected the decompression cables to eliminate the lifter from touching but it made no difference. Next I removed the unit and set the tappets correctly (which were also rechecked by my brother in law)...
  15. Clutch rattling problem

    Mechanical Advice
    Ok guys and gals. I was looking at a CB500 today, and the clutch seems to be making a rattling noise when it is engaged. i.e. pull the lever and the noise goes away. I have no idea what it could be, at first, I thought it was the cam chain, it sounded a lot like it, but then I pulled in the...
  16. rattling noise in engine driving me crazy!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I've recently just joined and Im loving the website so far! I'm a recent proud owner of a '88 RDO2 dominator and having bought the bike in an 'as is' condition, im fixing minor problems that the bike had when I got it. Ive had it for 2 months now and I've managed to get rid of all the...