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  1. Battery Tray Ideas

    Dominator / FMX
    Im Looking for some ideas on where to house all the electrics on my Dommie. I like the idea of manufacturing a tray under the seat, but was curious how everyone else does it. Ive seen some with small batteries lying on their side? i take it you need a seeled unit for this? Any help/guidance...
  2. Regulator connector

    Africa Twin
    When stripping out the underseat tray I separated the square(ish) connector on the regulator and found the connections to be burnt looking! Should I be worried about this? Should I replace the connectors and if so where from? Help anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. For Sale: NEW Honda rd07 Exhaust Box, Ricor Intiminators

    For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new in box, silencer for xrv rd07 £145 Still for sale Ricor intiminators used 3 weeks, £100 SOLD Selling Bike...will be posted soon Please ring 07950417117 cheers Ray
  4. For Sale: Crashbars/pannier racks

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale Givi crashbars and pannier racks for africa twin 07 model, all fittings present but could do with a paint,£65... items in Sheffield .07950417117 cheers Ray
  5. Wanted Honda Spanners

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone have the 24mm and 17mm ring spanners out of the xrv tool kit for sale or swap, Cheers Ray
  6. Wanted: Honda spanners

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, does anyone have the 24mm and 17mm spanner out of the Africa twin tool set to sell or swap? Cheers Ray
  7. Wanted: Corbin Seat

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted Corbin or touratech seat for 2003 Africa twin, as new standard seat part ex or buy outright. will collect anywhere in UK.. tel 07950417117 Cheers Ray
  8. Ray Stedronsky Africa twin shock?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know exactly what this is? Is this finally the IAS rear shock for AT? Ray Stedronsky Africa twin shock /T
  9. Bear or Ray

    Just for Fun ... So if you were lost in the woods , who would you like to be with .. Bear Grylls YouTube - Man vs. Wild - Bear, Just Eat It! Ray Mears YouTube - Squirrel Trap & Hobo-Fishing - Ray Mears Extreme Survival - BBC
  10. Hard drive recorders and blu ray / HD

    Completely nothing to do with bikes!!!!! Anybody know of a hard drive recorder that plays HD/ blu ray discs. All the harddrive recorders i've seen only come with standard DVD. I know you can buy a PS3 and put a card in it to make it a hard-drive recorder, which would then do both but don't...