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  1. Happy Birthday Raymo

    Hope you have a good one mate:thumbup: :wav::wav::wav::occasion7::occasion9::occasion6::occasion5::occasion4:
  2. Rally stages mk2

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ventured out into the forests of the Highlands again in puriut of the perfect spectator vantage point. Joined by Raymo, Steve T and Africa Jim. Super day out Raymo at fool tilt Steve doing the same !! Thanks guys for making it such a hoot :thumbup::thumbup:
  3. One for Raymo . .

    Raymo, Check out this link and tell us, was this the man that tried to sort your XLV down at Galloway . . . Biker gunman shoots love rival then kills himself - The Daily Record
  4. Darn That Raymo...!*

    In 12.5 years of insuring motorbikes, I've never considered breakdown cover necessary - indeed, I've been lucky enough not to have a single mechanical incident. But, after attending 2 XRV meets with Raymo (2 punctures, assorted electrical gremlins), I'm now so paranoid that I've beaten 2 agents...
  5. RAYMO - pics of my 'grab rails' for you

    Africa Twin
    as requested, heres some pics. I should be up at the national if you want a closer look :thumbup:
  6. raymo back

    The Longest Day
    well that’s me back 1944 miles too many folk to thank for a great event but must mention.. 05 Raggerty ( GSXR 600R ) and 38 Stageonesimmo ( RD07 ) Brian & I told Richard we would look after Karen when his BM was left at the ferry port in Wales stuck in 6th , and she wanted to...
  7. Raymo back in the sadle

    Other Bikes
    well picked up an XLV 750R limited edition yesterday at belfast ferry terminal guted as its got s chip on the tank was going to insert a fotie here but I dont know how to do it bike in good nick for a 22 year old off the ferry at Stanraer and checked oil, topped up and filled with 16 lts...
  8. raymo down

    well folks looks like i am out for the rest of this season :evil: low speed off offroad on the dr 4 mph!!! back end (deathwings) skid to right front in a rut as i was laying the bike down brought the left acerbis guard to where my left was trying to go :? that was monday evening tuesday...