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  1. Africa Twin
    Anyone know how to get hold of a touch up for an RD07? Is there a paint code that can be used? Cheers
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi All Has anybody got a heat shield for AT RD 07, the lower one that fits between the down pipes and the tail pipe, mines a bit battered and not happy with it, paint finish not an issue but must be quite straight and undamaged. Thanks Luke
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for front hubs, RD 07 or RD04. I`ll pay the shipping to Denmark off course. Ole Mathiasen Denmark.:thumbup:
  4. Africa Twin
    Where can I purchase two main needle jets (the long needles attached to the carb slide)? I know the part number but am unable to find anyone stocking this item. Addition to this post- I found that Rugged Roads stock the items (stocked as "Fuel Needles"..!!!) . However they have two part numbers...
  5. Africa Twin
    Guys, I am not finding a stock RD 07 (MY1) muffler instead I am finding RD 07 A (MAY) on ebay. will a RD 07A muffler fit a RD 07?? Thanks in advance
  6. Africa Twin
    I have a Transalp 700 year 2012 model which I hardly use. The bike I use mostly is my Africa Twin RD 07 year 1994. (AT owners will know why!) Since the rear shock of the AT is sagging a bit, and buying a new shock is beyond my budget right now, I was wondering if I can swap the two shocks. They...
  7. Africa Twin
    Greetings from tropical and sunny Sri Lanka! I am considering mounting HELLA H13090611 Micro DE Series 12V/55W Halogen Clear Fog Lamps on my RD 07 1993. With my bike headlights on high beam and both Hella fog lamps switched on, will the battery be able to cope with the power requirement? If I...
  8. Africa Twin
    Brand new exhaust silencer in box, to fit honda xrv 750 - rd07 £145 Richor intiminator kit 43mm - xrv750 £100 phone 07950417117 Cheers Ray
  9. Africa Twin
    Since 3 weeks ago I have had to replace a burnt out 20amp fuse (for starter motor and headlights) several times. The fuse burns out ONLY when I run with the headlights, which is all the time (DRLs). I have checked the relays for the starter and the headlights; they work fine. Any suggestions to...
  10. Africa Twin
    The acrylic screen on my RD 07 Tripmaster is discoloured, and shows signs of tiny cracks. As a result I am unable to read the Tripmaster clearly whilst I am riding. Is there anyway I can polish the screen to get rid of the scratches? Thanks folks. Honda XRV 750 RD 07 Honda XLV 700B
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted 2 sets of steel pannier frames. To suit RD 07 's. .......BOUND FOR LAOS IN JANUARY. .....
  12. Africa Twin
    My RD 07 has 35 w / 35 w halogen bulbs. Is this the standard factory rated bulb?Is it possible to install 55 w / 65 w bulbs without any issues (heat damage etc)? Thanks. Africa Queen RD 07 - Exploring the countryside of Sri Lanka, A Land Like No Other.
  13. XRV Swap Shop
    Wanted Remus exhaust for RD 07. NO LONGER REQUIRED - FOUND THANKS TO FORUM
  14. Mechanical Advice
    Was wondering if anyone could tell me where the fuel pump plugs/wires in for power? The bloke I bought the bike of removed the fuel pump so I have no idea where the wire should go. Any pics perhaps? Its for a RD04 not the rd03 Will the RD07 fuel pum work on the Rd04 bike as I have an extra one...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi looking to buy a good rear shock for 2001 RD 07 think mine is goosed I ,m in Belfast happy to pay postage , please something which is good not one worse than my one . Just thougth would try here before I run out and sell the dog to buy one, if I take mine of to be rebuilt will be off the...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    I had an off and snapped my rear foot peg hanger off so now need one for a RD 07 :thumbright:
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    hi still trying to register my imported africa twin these are the last piece of this project has any one got some second hand ones they want to sell or can put me in touch with anyone selling any thanks
  18. Africa Twin
    7100 euro for a Twin??!! Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin RD 07 KM 17 000 Kofferset, Hauptständer, Sommerfahrzeu | eBay
  19. Africa Twin
    Great new front break calipers on my A.T rd07, great mod very cheap, and no caliper rot, Susuki SV 650 calipers and master cylinder of e,bay, a milling machine mod to make mounting bracketts bolt on and go.:D
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi need a quick answer on this guys Will a RD07A wheel and hub fit a RD07 bike and will a RD 07 wheel and hub fit a RD 07A bike thanks
1-20 of 23 Results