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  1. Fuel pump rd07 xrv750

    Africa Twin
    I know of two commonly reported weaknesses on this bike. The reg/rec I've asked about in a different thread and the fuel pump. So the fuel pump. I think the one on the bike I've just brought is an after market one. Can anyone tell me from the photos if it is and what is the best fuel pump you...
  2. xrv750 rd07 reg/rec

    Africa Twin
    Before I bought my AT I'd checked out weaknesses and they seem to be reg/rec and fuel pump. I want to eliminate these two weaknesses prior to a big trip. Fuel pump I'll ask about on a different thread but would love some advice on reg/rec here. This is the rectifier on my bike and I think it's...
  3. Taking the pi55!!

    Africa Twin
    7100 euro for a Twin??!! Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin RD 07 KM 17 000 Kofferset, Hauptständer, Sommerfahrzeu | eBay
  4. That'll buff out...............

    Africa Twin
    I can see a good rear indicator that could be saved :-D:-D I just hope nobody was riding it at the time................................this has got to be the most comprehensively totalled Twin I've ever seen.
  5. AT with 9718km in German Ebay...

    Africa Twin
    HONDA XRV 750, Africa Twin RD 07, nur 9718 km, absoluter Traumzustand | eBay
  6. Wanted: Regulator/rectifier for a 1997 RD-07 @

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As above if anyone has one for sale please contact me, if it's within (30) miles of Burnley I'll come and pick it up if this is acceptable. Cheers, Allan All sorted out now, I no longer need one
  7. For Sale: 1997 Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    1997 Africa Twin - SOLD [SOLD] My AT is up for sale, bought in April 11' off this very forum, see below; 1997 RD-07 Africa Twin - Silver (with black / red) 49k miles Tax until March 2012 MOT until...
  8. Sold: Africa Twin for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1997 RD-07 Africa Twin - Silver (with black / red) Good bits... 44k miles Tax until March 2012 MOT until April 2012 (No advisories) SW Motech engine bars (black) Givi Pannier racks Metal aftermarket chain guard Metal dashboard / clock surround type thing. Quill Evo2 Exhaust (i think it sounds...
  9. letter

    Africa Twin
    hello people i found this letter from spanish forum, they send it in 2007 to honda spain, maybe we can do it again for all honda representatives in the world... I don't agree with everythingthey say but it's something... i use google translate... Montesa-Honda Spain Marketing and Sales...
  10. Wanted: Rd-07 Seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im after a normal full height seat for my AT, getting sick of my lowered one. Needs to be in very good condition preferably... looking to either buy or straight swap for my current low one. if anyones interesting in selling or swapping could they post piccies and we'll get this sorted...
  11. Replacement larger capacity AT tank

    Mechanical Advice
    Been giving some thought to a larger tank for my 1997 Rd-07. Can anyone recommend any suppliers? preferrably not into the ridiculous money that ive seen for the touratech one.. And also any advice on whether the larger tanks tend to fit straight on the bike, or if i woul need to make any...
  12. For Sale: RWB 1998 Africa Twin RD-07

    For Sale / Wanted
    RWB 1998 Africa Twin RD-07 Reluctantly selling my Africa Twin, New tyres, new brake pads, new chain and sprockets, new clutch, new air filter, new engine oil, new oil filter, new coolant, new irridium spark plugs. Facet fuel pump. This thing has had a full service and is used daily. The most...
  13. U-Lock

    Africa Twin
    My RD-07's top rack, standard issue Honda rack as far as i can tell, has space for a U-Lock, but the one ive got (just some random lock) is annoyingly about 1" too short (fnarr fnarr). Can anyone point me towards a U-lock they know fits?
  14. Handlebars

    Africa Twin
    The clamps that hold the bars at the top of the forks (dont know if they have a technical name) appear to be slightly out of line on my RD-07. I suspect this happened last time i had to pick the bugger up out of a ditch (the bars were all i had to pick it up by) Is it possible to give the...
  15. North West rider seeking ride outs

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Im based in Wigan, and looking for some company for some riding. Ive got several mates with bike licences, but they are all between bikes, or not riding at the moment. So... if anyone is doing anything in wigan area (or basically anywhere inside a circle around manchester and liverpool), and...
  16. Vibrations

    Africa Twin
    Im getting a lot of vibration from the back end of my RD-07 recently. It doesnt seem to be accompanied by any degree of extra noise though. I keep the chain pretty well lubed, tyres are at pretty much the right pressure (i keep them at slightly higher than the normal "just rider" pressures, as...
  17. A lack of lighting

    Africa Twin
    I had the front of my RD-07 apart yesterday, screen / fairing off, clocks to one side etc, changed the headlight bulbs while i was in there. Once reassembled, the headlights are great, but some lighting for the clocks etc are not on. I have a lit temp gauge, lit rev counter, and the right...
  18. Hello there

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Ive been on the forums for a bit now, a few posts, then noticed this section, so thought id give it a go. Im Chris, 32, and live in Wigan (about smack bang in the middle of liverpool and manchester). I ride an RD-07 AT. Road tyres at the moment, as they were on the bike when i bought it, but...
  19. C Spanner

    Africa Twin
    What size c-spanner would i need to adjust the original honda suspension on my RD-07? seems i have the choice of a 69mm-76mm, or a 89mm-95mm (they are double ended)
  20. Pimp your RD07!

    Africa Twin
    Transform your RD07 into a loookey likey KTM 640 Adventure (well, from the front atleast!) Bob