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    Africa Twin
  2. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum though I already spent a fair amount of time reading topics on this forum. But I can't find an answer to this problem. I own this africa twin RD04-L for now a couple of month it has an arrow exhaust and K&N filter. It has always been difficult to start...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi. I'm swapping out my '95 Transalp xl600v swingarm for an Africa twin rd04 swingarm and shock. The only part I can't get is the linkage knuckle. Does anyone have one for sale or know of one from another model that will do the job? Or just the hole centre measurements and diameters as I can...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hello guys and gals, I have been lurking on this forum for some time without an account. Now I have something to contribute, so here I am. I bought my RD04 1990 in 2014 just because me and a buddy wanted to travel through South America (he bought an RD04 from 1992). When I bought it, it was in...
  5. Africa Twin
    So I am prepping my recent acquisition for government testing in Switzerland. I had to remove a Remus not stock exhaust. I put on the original, and started her up. I wasn't offended by the noise. I noticed a small manufactured hole in the the exhaust down from the coupling joint, underneath...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi guys. I'm having a weird issue with the bike not running smoothly. On idle it pops a somewhat louder sound intermittently, and when riding at a steady pace at low speeds the running is not steady and at high speeds it intermittently almost like stalls for a half a second, somewhat like...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    A strange request I know, but does anyone have any old front brake discs for an RD04 lying around? I’m upcycling an unserviceable front wheel into a clock for my garage and I think it’ll look better with a disc on it. Happy to pay for postage. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Africa Twin
    XRV Forum Members: Hello and happy holidays! I am writing to learn of the availability of a HID conversion kit for my 1991 Italian XRV750 RD04 with BA20D bulbs or lamps. The current bulb is stamped with HERT4 12V35/35W. Since the American websites for Amazon, ebay and Google, do not...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for front hubs, RD 07 or RD04. I`ll pay the shipping to Denmark off course. Ole Mathiasen Denmark.:thumbup:
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi guys. I don't see how this makes sense ... but let me ask! After installing kitpeds raiser kit (+6cm front and back) & removing db killer, my clutch slips. Before I had no issue whatsoever (RD04 from 1992 with 87000km). I checked for free play on the clutch lever and there is more than...
  11. Africa Twin
    I know a few have members have done this conversion, my question is do I have to have a petrol pump ?
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, Got a set of original black crash bars for an AT RD04, for sale. Asking 110 EUR which is about 95 GBP ? Don't know how to upload here but can send them by email, pictures. For perfect condition they need some new paint. Comes with all bits to attached them to your bike. Can ship...
  13. Africa Twin
    Any one have one forsale. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  14. Africa Twin
    After years of waiting (and converting my Transalp to as close to a RD04 as possible) I've finally got an RD03 here in the States. It's an early one with 0000996 serial number and looks to have come from Germany through the hands of my friend and collector/restorer, screen name "Ujeni"...
  15. Africa Twin
    How much, all in would a set of USD forks cost, inc wheel, disc caliper etc off a KTM640 supermoto/enduro and everything I need to fit it to my bike (RD04) and what could I get for my original forks, etc? Basically swap out the whole front end - labour aside - wopuld I break even?
  16. Africa Twin
    Hello Everyone. Greetings from Denmark. New to the Forum and to the Africa Twin. Had the idea (I know it's blasphemy) to convert an XRV 750 1992 to electric motor run by batteries and solar power, to prove that EV is possible with a heavy robust Enduro machine. Bought a nice RD04 in Poland...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hello Everyone, I came out to find what appears to be a clear film separating from the tank with water or air trapped underneath, after a night of heavy downpour. The safety stickers appear to be on the outside which suggests that this clear coating is original. Has anyone experienced anything...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi :) I have an RD04 from 1990 with 67000kms on the clock. The last couple of days I have started to notice a scratching sound from the engine when I pull the clutch and let I roll to a traffic light or something. Everything sounds perfect in neutral and when driving that's why I am worried...
  19. Africa Twin
    I'll try keep this short, many moons ago, i lent a twin out to a friend for a day, he went up lakes with R1's..... So, after a while it became my daily ride....ride her til she dies.........yeah. afew years on, always left outside, ran daily, without fuel pump, late oil changes.... cam chains...
  20. Africa Twin
    Will they physically swap over? Specifically will an rd07 fit an rd04? Mine is getting very tired and a bit bouncy but I am really tight on funds (kidney anyone?) So just trying to expand my options. Tia.
1-20 of 500 Results