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  1. For Sale: XRV 750 RD4 parts

    For Sale / Wanted Lots of parts. PM me if you cant see what you want, and I will dig in and see if it is there :thumbup: Freight for a 1/2 pallet (80x60 cm) to England is about a 100£. The motors are 50 and 70K km old. I haven't...
  2. refit RD4 airfilter box Q

    Africa Twin
    What is the trick for getting the filter box into the frame? From left or right side or from the back? Don't want to take more things apart than nessesary.
  3. @ Verses two horses

    Sitting here whatching trafic cops one of the incidents on the programme was about a guy on a Africe Twin that went around a bend presumably at speed on the wrong side of the round collided with two horses.Lovely clean @ ,I don't know if it was a rd4 or rd7 but it did look mint. Was it someone...
  4. Gravety feed

    Africa Twin
    Anybody knows how many liters a rd4-92 can gravety feed with the faulty fuelpump bypassed. I have to wait a week for a new pump.
  5. This sunday 14th sept, Haynes museum nearl Yeovil

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I should be there with my RD400
  6. Starter motor issue ....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Last couple days have issue with starter motor ( RD4 60k ml ) won't turn over, I can't hear relay but starter stuck, tap with hammer dose trick :). So I couple questions ... 1st in the manual set you need take down pipes to get access to take starter off , is that mast or can get off...
  7. Newbie saying hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys and Gals, thought I would introduce myself and say hello, I have ridden bikes all my life it seems starting with the obligatory FS1E-DX,RD250,RD400 and the love of my life RD350 and oh so many others, I now ride a Triumph 800 Roadie with a few bits I have added to her :o , I live in...
  8. Fitting RD 7 Engine bars,

    Africa Twin
    Got a bargain set of engine bars off fleabay, they have seen lots of wear but with a good rub down and a coat of paint they'll do. No idea what make they are but the mounting is off the radiator mounts and bashplate, are all RD7 bars like that, seems a bit weak. They're going on a RD4 so the...
  9. Interesting discovery geniune parts for all jap bikes from wemoto

    If you go to the WEMOTO website , 3/4 of the way down the right hand side of the page is a search OEM part number box , this means if you have a part number you can search and see if it is still available and a price, I found this out last night when i put in the part number of the side panel...
  10. rd400 special

    im currently building some supermoto wheels up for this one ,,,, tdr hubs with s/s spokes , and excell 17 inch rims , gold rims , black hubs
  11. 17 teeth sprocket on RD4

    Africa Twin
    Hi to All! I read some posts on 17 teeth front sprocket, so I got one on eBay and fitted on to my @ RD4. At start there was no bother but soon I notes some wear on chain rivets facing inside, had to take sprocket off and put original back on (there was wear on the block), only small but chain...
  12. Wanted: RD4 red fairing wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    The thieves put a hole in my left hand fairing and I'm looking to replace it. If anyone has one or knows of one please let me know. Cheers This is the colour scheme I'm after.