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  1. Africa Twin
    I have a Euro Africa Twin (RD07) that I've been rebuilding the engine top end over the last year or so. I live in the US so parts come out of the Netherlands and each order takes at least 3-4 weeks. Finally got it together and tried starting it yesterday but it wouldn't stay running. Just...
  2. Africa Twin
    I'm in Utah USA and need engine parts for my RD07 Can anyone suggest a parts source in the US or someone in UK / EU that ships to the US? References good or bad would be appreciated. Anyone who can suggest a good shop to do valve work on the heads here in the US would also be appreciated...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i was busy tinkering in the garage when i remomoved the bash plate from my twin just to see whats what really ,anyhow i have started to fabricate a carbon fiber copy form the original i should have it done after my holidays all being good ..Would anyone be interested if i can replicate...
  4. Africa Twin
    I would like to change my rear shock ,preferably something with a little adjustment for passengers but its not a must have . i was looking at suspension units and they are expensive so i was wondering if any of the more experienced among us could shed some light of what if anything is availlable...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi all started my xrv for the first time since i bought it after fitting some led indicators (long story ).Any how on strting the idle had been set too high so once the bike warmed up i reduced the idle spped to a respectable 1200,as i was lowering the clutch noise became louder like the...
  6. Transalp
    Hi all i was wondering if the 2 above frames are the same.... I have the chance to get my hands on a complete and fully functional 2004 TA with a damaged frame(statutory write-off) and i have a frame from a 87 XL600V. I originally wanted to transplant my RDO7 Africa twin into the XL frame but...
  7. Africa Twin
    What do you guys use to undo the drain screw on the float bowl, only all my screwdrivers won't fit even the small ones, too little space, any advice please
  8. Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, After 24 years finally achieved my bucket list motorcycle. It has and always been to own an Africa Twin. So, I finally picked one up albeit not the exact one I wanted but... I've got one finally. The "dealer" said it was a 2000. I was highly skeptical, especially when I pulled...
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi A newbie to the forum, just picked up a pristine rdo7 with 7500 miles on the clock, 1st ride last week it ran like a dream, took it out today keep stalling on choke on initial start up tried various positions no good, rode for a while all sounding good but no power , full throttle it would...
  10. Africa Twin
    I've Had my Rdo7 coming on 3 years and have never touched it as runs like a swiss watch, The fuelling is nigh on perfect I would say for carbs. But is it possible to get an absolute linear tick over or am I being too anal as it is very slightly uneven?
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi fellow bikers I am searching for a rear wheel for my rdo7 1998 model. Nothing on EBAY or where in the uk can repair a wheel as the alloy is coming away from the rim.?
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a set of front discs for a 96 AT RDO7 ?? needing them kinda quick No warpies please :D:D
  13. Africa Twin
    hi all sorry if it is a repeated question want to buy touring tires for my RDO7 with some off road ability during last years i was always using Conti TKC 80 on my last trip from Egypt to Kenya they last only 7000 KM yes loaded and bad road too any recommendation i will mainly use it for...
  14. Africa Twin
    Curses dropped my bike yesterday. Off on a paragliding mission, there were a few yards of concrete on the path, when wet it is covered in slime. Moning at about 10mph the front end went, caught it first time second time Man Down. Fairing is badly damaged, just the top section. Several cracks and...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi all i would like to fit an after market Exhaust for my AT RDO7 1995 i want is so so loud as its a way to get stupid car drivers attention here in Egypt and then they don't hit you (crazy crazy driver ) grrrrr i have metal panniers on my bike so i want it to be fitted as close to the...
  16. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi known it is a long shot but does anyone out there have a RDO7 tank cover ,red white and blue would be great but black would do for sale ,happy to pay postage etc if we could do a deal
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted cdi for 1990 rdo4.& 2 front discs. And for a 1995 rdo7 center stand .
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I have a bike which has a rdo4 engine no and a frame which begins with rdo7 and am looking for a centre stand for same also workshop manual . Is the haynes manual any good? I am based in Dublin Irl Thanks
  19. Africa Twin
    Quick question Where is it? I have looked in all the likely places without dismantling the bike with no success.The frame number starts with rdo7 as does theplate but I can't find the engine number.I am trying to find out the exact model so I can order some parts . Any help appreciated.
  20. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had a spare RHS mirror for an RD07a hanging around and want to sell? Had a bit of an incident and broke mine yesterday!! Cheers Andy
1-20 of 32 Results