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  1. New prototype of rear parcel shelf for RD07

    Africa Twin
    Second version of a multifunction rear rack. The prototype is bead blasted raw aluminum for now. Installation requires to remove the flimsy plastic rear rack. This first prototype will require only minor adjustments before entering in production. I may produce a batch for a group buy on the...
  2. Video: Snow chains on Africa Twin and Honda XL - trying to reach France

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello, Together with my friend last Friday we tried to cross the border from Italy to France, through a 2.700 m. pass. The aim was to have a good lunch in France but ufortunately we couldn't manage because of the ice, but the view was superb so we didn't spoil the day. A couple of pictures...
  3. Engine temperature

    Hi, I recently bought a Transalp 600 from 1997 so I'm still learning new things about it. I noticed while riding that the engine temp guage never seems to reach middle where I'd expect it to normally be. Instead it settles for the left side of the gauge. The below picture was taken when the...
  4. Spark plug cap

    Africa Twin
    Hello lads, I inspected my RD07A spark plugs this weekend. Trying to remove that bitch of a front left plug, I yanked on the HT lead to remove the spark plug cap but ripped the lead clean out, leaving the spark plug cap firmly stuck over the spark plug. Eventually managed to wiggle it out but it...
  5. so i shaved the seat :)

    This is the 1st step :) i tried to sit on SpongeBob :) and it was comfortable even though that i took a lot from the middle
  6. Fear and Loathing in Cricklewood

    Africa Twin
    Don't think I ever posted this here... 14th June 2003 It’s thirty degrees in the shade and I’m clad in Kevlar, Gore-Tex and leather. I’m already hot and bothered and as I enter the Willesden Junction branch of HSBC the sight of half a dozen loitering customers does little to cool me down. I’m...
  7. Honda XL1000V Varadero verses Yamaha XT1200Z

    Okay. I'm in the market for a newer bike. I've been looking at KTM990's but as much as I love the look of them, my head can't let go of the fact they seem to be expensive to run regarding maintenance and fuel, and not ideal for long distance work etc... If I did a lot of dirt then it would be a...
  8. Intermittent ignition fault

    Dominator / FMX
    Another intermittent ignition fault - different symptoms from the one recently posted by jonals. A few weeks ago I was about a mile into a journey on my 1990 Dominator, going down a hill when the engine suddenly cut out. No warning, no coughing and spluttering - it simply cut out. As a white...
  9. Another RD03 on British soil

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I am a proud owner of a RD07a that served me faithfully in the last 10 years. I covered with her 100k miles and now the clock says 122k but she still seems not to bother. Since last year I followed the anticipation for...
  10. Wanted: After another trail bike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    After having years of XTs and Transalp/dominator, I need another one , after a slight departure down the Hornet and Buell X1 dark side. Still got the Buell (ignore the Tenere bit, that went two years ago to David Lambeth) but its abroad. Soooooo I am on the look for an honest trailie, not...
  11. Cheap security solution

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Spent a few quid on a write off Honda slr650 and a few more getting it back to perfect original running order. Always bothered about some scrote having it away with my pride and joy but a £300 alarm isn't really justified on my winter runaround that's worth less than a grand. As most of...
  12. Rd 04 fuel leak !

    Africa Twin
    Started the bike up after not using it for a few days and noticed a fuel leak on the left hand side. Had to use the choke as normal and probably flooded it in the process. At first it dripped enough to reach the floor but after a couple of mins it stopped, and then ran the bike for 15 mins...
  13. Proper off road machine

    Africa Twin
    So happy with my AT. Did 90 miles of green lanes today with a big group of enduros and a GS. But unlike the other little crossers, I had a fair trek on the motorway to reach the meeting point. Real dual sport. Rugged roads crash bars - proper job, really worked well. Can't say the same for the...
  14. Clutch lever SLR 650

    Dominator / FMX
    I recently managed to drop my SLR 650 on the drive whilst cleaning it (don't ask!). The clutch lever snapped off so I bought a replacement on eBay for a reasonable £5.00. The lever is not dog legged and as I have smallish hands the reach to the lever is awkward. Can anybody recommend a...
  15. Oil consumption

    Africa Twin
    Quick question: How regular should engine oil be topped up to reach the middle of the dipstick again. Seems my RD07A needs a top up about once a month. Shes not smoking visibly and runs pretty good.
  16. Hardalpitour 2015

    Welcome to the 7th edition of The HARDALPITOUR! This great event is growing for quality and riders enjoyment each year. Teams from 18 different countries and press from several countries in Europe took part to the 2014 for an unforgettable end of summer weekends. Check out some videos of...
  17. TDR250 Best bike ever? discuss.

    Thought Id throw this in for discussion as I havent seen any TDR's here. Who has owned or ridden one? Arent they just fantastic? No other bike I have ever owned made me ride like such a tw*t. I sold each of the 3 Ive owned because I knew I was going to either die or get arrested. I was nearly 40...
  18. Himalaya roadtrip 1200 km riding world's highest passes and BBC most dangerous roads.

    During my motorcycle trip overland from Holland to Nepal, in 2008, I drove already through the Himalayas on my BMW R1200GS. Unfortunately in 2008 I could not visit the highest mountain passes in the world, because all the passes were closed due to snow. In 2014 I did get an invitation to...
  19. Keis Insoles sizing

    I have treated myself to a pair of these for works and motorcycling usage. Need em on the farm don't I... ;-) I am a size 10 and have got the XL as per the sizing on the website, however, they do look rather big even though I know I will cut them down a bit. Any other size 10's used these and...
  20. questions about xr4/6 from prospective owner

    I've got a Yamaha ttr250 that I use for the occasional commute and riding around the country lanes locally. I use it as a road bike and its OK. Its got six gears, 55 mpg and leccy start. Thing is, I can't help but regret not buying the xr400 I wanted at the time of buying my ttr. It was really...