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    May all of our readers enjoy the joys of the season ! Les :occasion5::occasion5::occasion5:
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    Any of you Sun readers support this 'No More Page Three' petition ?
  3. Tools
    I know this ain't bike related and maynot even be in the correct Forum but i can't find a more suitable one. I'm looking at buying a code reader for the car got hold of Snap-on and said he has a Blue-point code reader on offer at the moment. It would be used for my car in the future My L200...
  4. Africa Twin
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    Hello there; I am a freelance journo doing a feature for MCN called `Why I had to have a Honda Africa Twin.' If you own an XRV750 and would be willing to spend five minutes talking about why you had to have it above other bikes, performance, tours you have made, mods, reliability, top tips...