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  1. **VIDEO** AFRICA TWIN - Enjoy the Real Life

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone!! I'm an spanish guy, the proud owner of an Africa Twin XRV 750 R RD07 since one month ago. For me, this bike is a myth because of its storie and success. I love it, and when one week before a friend of me told me about making a video with this bike as the main character, I said...
  2. Lonely Hearts - Blackheath area

    Dominator / FMX
    Sometimes on the way to work I see another Dominator. I think that's pretty rare as its the only one I have ever seen in existence in real life as they say. Any way its a red F reg one, I'm the dude on the P reg one, black white and red. Not that you will have ever seen the back of my bike as...
  3. Himalaya roadtrip 1200 km riding world's highest passes and BBC most dangerous roads.

    During my motorcycle trip overland from Holland to Nepal, in 2008, I drove already through the Himalayas on my BMW R1200GS. Unfortunately in 2008 I could not visit the highest mountain passes in the world, because all the passes were closed due to snow. In 2014 I did get an invitation to...
  4. My trip to auschwitz

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi Guys did this trip solo in the summer, somewhere I had always wanted to go, I had around 10 days no real plans just a end place. took 3 days to get there and at a real push 2 days back I must say Poland was great next I need more time there, a great part of Europe. I'm so rubbish at reports...
  5. Intermittent tapping / knock

    Now I have the carbs dialled in a little better (I still thing they could be better still) and the tickover is down lower I have a knock. It sounds much worse on the video than in real life. Big ends felt OK when I had the heads and barrels off only a handful of miles ago. It sounds like it's...
  6. Fuel range on reserve.

    Africa Twin
    Once the bike has gone onto reserve approximately what range is there available. I am guessing about 50 miles, same as on my Pan European. This is the kind of figure it is nice to have an idea of without finding out in real life.
  7. My nice new shiny set of Rugged Roads Engine bars !

    Africa Twin
    Good afternoon all! I would just like to share how happy I am with my lovely shiny new set of Rugged Roads engine bars :toothy10: I have seen all sorts of different ones and these seem extremely strong (Not tested in a real life situation "yet" ;)) and the fitting kit is also well engineered...
  8. screw to adjust the suspension

    Hi guys, can someone explain in baby language what the screw on the side of the bike for the rear suspension does on the 650. I can understand the concept of preload which i think basically makes the rear suspension harder...the screw does not adjust this it adjusts the damping correct? but...
  9. Sorry

    Sorry I dont camp, I could meet more of you. Sorry I enjoy Sundays at home with my wife, I could meet more of you. Sorry I holiday, commute and work on my bikes, or else I could get to Wales more and meet some of you. I love bikes and I find this forum superb. I've chatted quite a bit on here...
  10. Should I buy a FMX650 ???

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all.. Here is my story: I've rode a CBR400RR for 3 years, and I'm the type guy that no matter what I ride on, I ride it to the fullest..! After doing a trackday, It simply wasn't fun riding on the streets, sso I'm considering changing style... Okay great. The thing is I want to buy a...
  11. Touratech crasbars - carry then on the bike to the garage ???

    Africa Twin
    You guys that have seen the crashbars in real life (I've only seen the need of them :) ) I will go touring in the swedish woods (värmland, dalarna, härjedalen) the day after tomorrow. I feel the desperat need of crashbars. I have located a set of bars at Touratech lidköping wich is on the way...
  12. Fitting my SW Motech crash bars

    Well I ordered them and lo they came through the post whilst I was away sampling the delights of Edinburgh. I have just been out and offered them up to the bike to see what they bolt onto. Mostly I am impressed. The inner panels of the bike came off very easily with real life quick release...
  13. Ordered New Helmet today

    Ordered New Helmet My Lovely wife sent me out today to order a new helmet for my birthday thats in a couple of weeks. Fitting in the local shop went well, I wanted a multitec and looking at the Shoei Catalog for colours. Spotted the Multitec * Shearwater * Blue Will report when I receive...
  14. 600 Crash bar pics/views wanted

    Hi Folks, really enjoying all the 650 bar pictures and comments, any chance we can do something similar for the older models among us, real life pics are infinatley better than the tweaked ones on some manufacturers websites. Right, best get saving up:D
  15. Cheapo home made TomTom GPS

    I was in the market for a GPS system as one of my specialties is getting lost, however I wasn't in the mood to spend £340 for the TomTom Rider2 Western Europe (or even more for a Garmin). Noticing that TomTom have recently released the same navigation software they use on their units as a £60...
  16. New XR600R owner here.

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, I'm an english expat living out in Holland, been riding bikes for about 5 years now, I've currently a K6 GSXR750 which I use for track days, Nurburgring trips and the odd tour round the alps: Anyway Holland is rubbish for quick bikes, and the Nurburgring is wet and cold during...
  17. Sat Nav help

    Mechanical Advice
    A guy on the Rd forum is having problems with his sat nav/bluetooth setup here is his question, it has got most of us on that forum stumped when he said sat nav, most of us stil cannot programme a video recorder Guys, Apologies if this is slightly off topic for the forum. In real life I...
  18. Banned iPhone ad

    The iPhone looks nice and shiny, but all is not as advertised so their stupid misleading ads have been banned. Check out this site for a comparison between the ad and real life:
  19. Love or hate him bill gates has a point

    RULE 1 Life is not fair - get used to it! Rule 2 : The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. Rule 3 : You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car...
  20. Learning curve!

    While some of you were having fun round Dartmoor, Mrs M and I went for a little spin - sort of investigating the capabilities of the Alp north of Kendal Now, I've seen Whealie's forward facing videos from Dartmoor, and they seemed very familiar after yesterday - we fell off too! Studied the...