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  1. Rear lights on Transalp 650

    Hi, I need to buy a replacement rear light lens for a 2006 Transalp 650XL. Two questions. where is best place to get a replacement and how do I remove the old broken on. Thanks
  2. WTD please tail piece for 1999 dommie ( preferably red )

    Dominator / FMX
    anyone got one left over from a project ?'s the bit that the rear light is surrounded by that I'm after that follows on from the side panels . many thanks Bill
  3. 83 xr350 wiring diagram

    Hi guys trying to find a wiring diagram for 83 xr350 need one with full wiring indicators horn lights ect i got a diagram but only has ligts and rear light. cheers smittty
  4. Which crf style rear mudguard will fit a xr650r

    Hi whitch crf style rear mud guard would fit a xr650r best ,am going to use a led rear light so going to get rid of the original xr rear mudguard cheers
  5. Help identify this Rear Light with Indicator modification

    I purchased a 1992 XL600V and didnt notice till after I was hit from behind that the rear light was not an original part. Please help me identify it. I suspect it is similar to a Honda X4 rear light. Bremslicht Rücklicht Honda X4 *NEUWARE* | eBay Where can I get a similar replacement or...
  6. LED bulb replacement

    has anyone replaced the bulbs on the turn licience plate and rear light yet ??
  7. XL125 Varadero Rear Light Running Hot?

    Hi, Im new to the forum so please be kind! I have an '03 varadero 125 and have a problem with the rear light. It seems to be running hot and melting the plastic bulb holder, causing it to loose contact. I have bought another plastic housing / bulb holder from a breakers which worked for half...
  8. More pics this time the '79 XL185s

    Was given this by a mate after it had been neglected by someone he lent it to, cosmetically it was sad, engine was fine but most other bits were shot, forks, shocks, chain and sprockets and a few others bits, so decided not to do a full strip so went for a basic one, [/IMG] [/IMG] Had the tank...
  9. Sold: My Varadero is for sale - loads of accessories and extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    REDUCED REDUCED view of the need for 2 tyres and brake pads before long I will knock £250 off and round that down to £3,500 hopefully for a quick sale. Offers considered as we just closed a deal on one and p/xd annes bike. I am selling my 2007 Varadero (wanted 2x good, low...
  10. Powerbronze screen snagging & repair to paintwork of side panel

    I am looking for assitance on a couple of points! I have fitted a Powerbronze tall screen to my 2007 650cc Transalp and it snags on the bars at full lock. I am sure I read the remedy for this on another post with the Honda tall screen but cannot find it again ... any ideas of the solution...
  11. Lights

    Hi all I am new to forum and am finding it really helpful. I just got me a 1999 XR250RX and lovin it. I am having problems with the rear light and brake light. If lights are switched off, brake light works fine and bright. If I switch on headlight, front light works but rear light doesnt, and...
  12. What type of plastic are the front mudguard/rear light assembly?

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know?!
  13. XR 400 1998 Rear Light - Help?

    Hi All, Just joined after purchasing an XR400V 98. It's in overall good condition but I have one minor problem. The rear light was working, but after a few outings the rear lens got cracked, and I decided to replace the whole lot with a new unit. After fitting the new unit, it didn't work...
  14. Rear Light Lens

    Anyone needing a replacement rear light lens, I have this in the For Sale section of the forum.
  15. For Sale: Rear Light Lens for a Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone need a replacement rear light lens for their Tranny, I have this on ebay at the moment. Honda Transalp XL 650V Rear Light Lens on eBay (end time 23-Apr-11 11:10:37 BST)
  16. led rear light advice

    Mechanical Advice
    started work on my bike and changed the front light and indicators to led was wondering has any one changed there rear light and indicators to led if so were did you get it from trying to get my bike back together for the better weather coming
  17. led rear light advice

    Dominator / FMX
    started work on my bike and changed the front light and indicators to led was wondering has any one changed there rear light and indicators to led if so were did you get it from trying to get my bike back together for the better weather coming
  18. Wanted: RD04 Rear Mudguard

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All Would anybody have the rear black number plate/rear light/reflector/indicator holder/mudguard piece for an RD04 just gathering dust and needing a new owner? If so, let me know ! Thanks Trev :thumbup:
  19. How best to repair cracked fairing panels.

    Africa Twin
    After some complete lunatic caused me to come off my AT yesterday I now need to mend my headlight fairing panel and left side fairing panel which have been cracked (whilst bouncing off the lunatics right rear light of his car). :blob6: Has anyone fixed fairing panels themselves using some...
  20. rear light not working and harness

    Ok fiolks here goes............ tail light stopped working on last ride (2 weeks ago). Took the lens off and lubricated the bulb holder as appeared sticky. put bulb back in and worked. Came back to for it's MOT and the b****r isn't working!!. stripped out harness, several splits in the...