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rear wheel wanted

  1. Wanted: XRV 2001 Rear wheel wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    My rear wheel rim looks like the alloy is lifting between some spokes in two places. Think it might be stuffed !! So I need a rear wheel, or as I have posted on the wheels + tyres forum, does a Transalp rear wheel fit ?
  2. Wanted: transalp 600 (twin disc) REAR WHEEL WANTED.

    For Sale / Wanted
    For a friend, good condition, thanks.

    My rear wheel on my 1999 TA is in need of being replaced, has anyone or does anyone know of one for sale?? please inbox me Thanks
  4. xr rear wheel wanted

    Hi i.m after a rear wheel for a 96 xr250 anyone got a decent one for sale james
  5. struggling to find rear wheel

    Hello people, Just found this forum and am relatively new to the XR club. I have a 1991 xr250r and need a new back wheel. I am however struggling to find one and was hoping someone here maybe able to help? Have checked some of the suggested websites listed on here and have searched on ebay...
  6. Rear wheel wanted 2005 650 Transalp

    I see signs of corrosion on the rear rim so I think a new rim is in order, anyone out there got one for sale?:thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: :thumb::thumbup: