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  1. 600 oil pressure switch wanted

    any idea where one can get one from for a reasonable price?. or better still anyone know the thread size, so i can look into a gauge kit.
  2. Wanted: Center stand for Transalp 650

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, I'm looking for the article in the title @ reasonable price. If any of you have one to sell, let me know. My bike it's a 2003. Many thanks! ;)
  3. For Sale: Honda SLR 650 Seat , Tank and rear muguard

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All , I have for sale the above items in used condition - please see attached pics . Open to reasonable offers ? Cheers Glenn
  4. For Sale: NEW OLD STOCK Avon Distanzia 110 80 19 59H

    For Sale / Wanted
    bought as part of a pair deal, p/m reasonable offers inc postage.
  5. Wanted: Wanted: AT RD07 Right passenger footpeg bracket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Please PM if you have one in reasonable condition ie NOT BROKEN! Cheers :thumbup: Steve
  6. How Much for a 1993 RD07

    Africa Twin
    Curious what a reasonable price for a 1993 RD07 would be. It's got 95,000k on the clock. Engine seems in good order and body is good shape. Also has a 43l TT tank on it. Thx
  7. Wanted: XRV750 RD07 1993 Rear Shock

    For Sale / Wanted
    Bike failed the MOT on the Rear shock. Does anybody have one at a reasonable cost? Also looking at new after market ones. Thanks in advance :thumb:
  8. Scrubbing in tyres on the Crosstourer

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A new pair of Tourances were fitted to the Crosstourer on Monday ready for our trip to Europe next month so seemed a reasonable excuse for a run into the Highlands of Scotland to scrub them in! I thought I'd share the route and some pics with you all! I set off at 10.00 this morning (Saturday)...
  9. Wanted: Wanted - Transalp / Dommie / F650 / Big Single etc - South West UK

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, posted the below on the ADV forum, if you know or have anything suitable please message me - Thanks, Gareth Just sold my last bike and looking for my next, Sod's law states that when I didn't have the cash there were loads available and now I do there don't seem to be any! Budget is...
  10. Dominator frame hoop for tracker project

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello All, Im currently in the process of building a desert sled inspired NX650 and have been trying to source a rear frame hoop. My first question is does anyone know anywhere that can produce such a thing for a reasonable price as a one off? And my second question is, I can get some made up...
  11. eBay: Reasonable bike

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Honda Africa Twin XRV750 | eBay
  12. Africa Twin Vendors

    Africa Twin
    Forgive me is this is a duplicate but I figured I'd start a list (assuming one doesn't already exist) of AT vendors. Gonna keep it simple - name, website, country, brief description taken from their website (I figure the descriptions could do with some sharpening up but as a starting point I've...
  13. Fairing decals

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know anywhere to get decals that aren't genuine honda? But look reasonable??
  14. For Sale: iphone 4s 64gb, iphone 4s ram mount, samsung galaxy note 10.1 16gb white wifi

    For Sale / Wanted
    Guys, Work have given me a samsung S4 phone and I have just gone and bought an ipad I have some surplus electronic gear which I would like to sell Iphone 4s - black, in good condition and full functioning order - latest updates included, with a silicone case 64GB so it can contain...
  15. Large IMS tank for sale

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I have a new, unused large capacity IMS tank (white) suitable for a CRF, ideal for enduro or rally raid. Open to reasonable offers. Located in Bordeaux, France but can be shipped.
  16. Transalp 700 - High mileage???

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has done some serious mileage on their 700's? My spare bike has just been written off (by a friend) so I only have my trusty 2006 650TA which i've clocked over 210,000kms. I know there is still another few hundred thousand left in her but I do need a spare bike...
  17. For Sale: Pop art

    For Sale / Wanted
    I just took delivery of a couple of pop art paintings from a mate of mine in Liverpool. If any one is interested he wil do any kind of paintings for a very reasonable price.:thumbup: PM me if you fancy anything painting, family members ,sports stars and other celebs.
  18. Sold: 2005 transalp 650

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    selling my 650 transalp due to getting a company car..... its a 2005 V4 in black, bought nearly 2 years ago from Alpslapper with 25,000 miles on it! It now has 71,000 miles and is reasonable tidy Fully serviced with a complete log of every item of work carried out Touratech crash bars...
  19. Honda 650 transalp

    What's it worth?
    thinking of selling my 650 transalp due to getting a company car..... not sure if I'll sell it or keep it, just trying to get a rough idea of value! its a 2005 V4 in black, bought nearly 2 years ago from Alpslapper with 25,000 miles on it! It now has 71,000 miles and is reasonable tidy Fully...
  20. Varadero rebuild to customized adventurebike!

    Hello from Sweden!:blob8: I have the Honda XL 1000 Varadero MK1 -00, one of the best bikes i've ever had amongst the 33 I've went true. My idea about the rebuild of this bike is to build a mix between an adventurebike and a show/custombike. some may hate the looks and some may love it but my...