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  1. Africa Twin
    I am in the process of rebuilding a ‘89 XRV650 and I want to have these covers powdercoated. Does anyone know which RAL color comes closest to the original bronze-ish color?
  2. Africa Twin
    So I’m rebuilding a ‘89 XRV650 and I want to paint the engine. The side cases I removed and I want them to be powdercoated but I’m in doubt about the colour. Powdercoat can be done in most RAL colours. Anyone ever done this and know which colour comes closest to the original?
  3. XR
    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I'm probably in the wrong section but I'm rebuilding a 2000 XR400 and i need a generator gasket and a clutch cover gasket any ideas where i can get these anyone please? i live in Tamworth in the Midlands UK cheers.
  5. Transalp
    I am rebuilding my 1987 TA and having taken loads of pictures as I was dismantling it, I seem to have missed this one. When fitting the sprocket carrier hub it doesnt appear to go all the way in. It feels as though it has gone as far as it can but would appreciate if someone could let me know
  6. Transalp
    Hi, I am currently searching for new bushings and spacers (and bolts and seals) for the Pro Link rear suspension linkage, anyone know if someone are selling these parts? Mine are very rusty and I am rebuilding the whole bike so I would like to get new parts to avoid future problems. Also, does...
  7. Africa Twin
    Hello, I'm looking for a pet cock of an Africa Twin tank RD04! I'm rebuilding a Transalp and use an Africa Twin tank on it. So please, if anyone here as a spare let me know!! Thanks!! Bossit!! :-)
  8. Africa Twin
    I'm still slowly rebuilding my bike. Luckily I decided to give the airbox a wipe over with a rag and saw that the tubes have perished and come away from the main body. The one that looks worse, I pulled to make sure I wasn't imagining things. I figured if it's actually fine it won't tear, and...
  9. Africa Twin
    hi, I'm looking at rebuilding the rear shock linkage on my RD04 and I see all the rebuild kits for sale at various places but none of them include the sleeves and I need one for the lowest down bearings. Any ideas ? thanks Calum
  10. Mechanical Advice
    Hi lads! When people talk about Red Loctite, which one are they referring to? I see about 20 different numbers at henkel's website ... I guess what I'm asking is, which Loctites would I need for an full rebuild and for general work on a motorcycle? Also, I saw a video about rebuilding an...
  11. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Hi, any one know a good wheel builder in or around the leicestershire aea, Thanks Ian.:thumbup:
  12. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi guys Been registered on the site for awhile and used it for great tips! Time to say Hello, and thanks for a great informative forum. I own a RD07 that I am rebuilding and battling with, also a 2010 KLR 650 for the fun of it.
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Many thanks Pete. My seat is approaching the point of needing rebuilding, forum member has loaned me a seat off his bike to use while I get mine sorted. Nice one Sir. And so many people say internet forums are a waste of time.
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys had a disaster today ,in the process of rebuilding my front wheel one of the spoke holders on the hub broke off consequently hub is now TU:mad: looking for replacement got a spare on the shelf maybe?
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys had a disaster today ,in the process of rebuilding my front wheel one of the spoke holders on the hub broke off consequently hub is now TU:mad: looking for replacement got a spare on the shelf maybe?
  16. XL
    Hi , I am rebuilding a XL 100S 1980 thats been in the family for about 30 years and am having problems fillin the forks with oil. Haynes says 120cc per leg of ATF with this amount legs are very solid tried with 100 cc and still the same Is there air trapped or is this the wrong volume of oil...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi all, my buddy and I are rebuilding a 99 RD07. We are nearly done and looking into the paintwork now... but there is nothing to be found on the internet with regards to the art work. We have a source down here in Southafrica for printing them. But we need a source file. Anybody an idea. Can...
1-18 of 39 Results