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  1. RD07a Rim Rot

    Africa Twin
    I have the Dreaded Rim Rot ,Can anyone offer advice for the best wheel rebuilds??? as am thinking of replacing with gold rims as i think they will look much better against red white and blue bodywork.....
  2. Rear Suspension rebuilds - any recommendations?

    I need to have a Transalp 650 rear shock rebuilt, with a new spring. Would like seals etc done at same time, new oil, new gas etc. Anybody got a suggested dealer for this work? Need to improve how it acts in really bumpy off-road stuff to improve my placings!! Should be in a postion to send...
  3. Wheel rim re-builds in Hampshire?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    OK I've been told that i need a new front wheel rim since mine is rotten on the inside and keeps giving the front inertube a slow puncher but the only place i know of is Eastleigh Motocross who quoted me £150 to replace the rim using my old spokes but i seem to be getting the run around from...
  4. TA wheel rebuilds?

    Went to tyre place today to get my front inertube replaced due to loosing air all the time. When I went to pick up the bike the chap say the reason was that the inside of the wheel had corroded and was breaking up inside which caused the inertube to snag and tare and that it’s a common problem...