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  1. CDI connectors.

    Africa Twin
    I am ordering some connectors to renew and modify parts of the wiring loom on my 1988 RD03, but I can not seem to find connectors for the CDI. Does anyone have a reasonably priced lead on these? Also, I am at work in Scotland right now, so I can't look at the wires for my self, but from the...
  2. Quick post looking for Reg/Rec Links. The best of the best.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, So I i'm under strong suspicion that my Reg/Rec is failing/failed. Make long story short I am looking for top of the line high quality Reg/Recs for my RD07. Any suggestions welcome. Aidan.
  3. Have I f

    Africa Twin
    Alri Lads, My stater to Reg/Rec cable fried. I cut the melted plug off to show to my local hardware/mechanic to get a new part. My dumb ass forgot to label the wires before I cut it off. So Now I dont know which wire goes where. I dont think it matters which goes where but I'd like to see...
  4. Rectifier Regulator Problem

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys I have a 1999(according to the Vin) and 2001 (First registration in South Africa) and the reg/rect has died. Reading here has kind of shown that you can maybe use a unit from another bike. Any one done this successfully. Waiting for delivery in South Africa is 3 weeks and I was due...
  5. XR400 and Cyclops LED H4 bulb

    I stupidly ordered a Cyclops H4 LED bulb (with rectifier/regulator) for my US model XR400 headlight and of course I can't mount it in the stock light assembly. Is there another XR headlight assembly (AU version?) that will accept H4 bulbs or an aftermarket option? Thanks! Here's the bulb...
  6. regulator rectifier

    Do you need to keep a regulator rectifier wired into the bike if you are not having lights horn indicators etc? New to this whole wiring business on motorbikes from what I can figure out the wires coming from it are for lighting mainly apart from a green which goes to earth and a red that goes...
  7. Africa twin Weak points

    Africa Twin
    Hi I'm rebuilding this rd04 and want it to be a bike I can use a lot and be reliable so I'd like to address areas which might cause a problem now it's got new chain and sprockets.its had a new rectifier when last used a new battery and I'm looking at a facet or new points for the fuel pump. Any...
  8. africa twin 750w rec/reg & fuel pump

    Africa Twin
    the above mentioned motorcycle has the original parts fitted at present and understand they can be a problem. please can you advise alternative replacements.
  9. Mosfet ref rec

    Mechanical Advice
    Guys, not sure if this is the correct area or not. I am about to receive a Mosfet reg, it would seem the only place to buy new connectors is the US. ???, is there any where in the UK that I can buy these? thanks Jamie
  10. reg/rec...

    Africa Twin
    hi guys bit since ive been on been working away and need a bit info please... travelling to work the other morn and could smell battery acid and when i stopped battery was red hot , so hot i couldnt touch it..... fitted new battery and reg/rectifier and bike started up ok ..after a bit reg/rec...
  11. R/R swap, SH for FH (Mosfet)

    Africa Twin
    Replaced the SH with an FH at the weekend. SH Reg / Rec generator plugs..... A good source of 'tails' for the MOSFET I get my FH's 'used' via Ebay. The States & Germany is usually best for price, even after postage on any of FH 01, 09, 010, 012 0r...
  12. Wanted: RD07 1994 ECU/CDI wanted

    XRV Swap Shop
    Looks like a failed reg/rec on my 1994 RD07 has damaged the ECU :( so looking out for a replacement. Anyone know of one available (even just to test to confirm mine has actually failed)? Are there any recommendations for an after-market unit? Thanks.
  13. Help! Anyone around Reading with a spare reg/rec?

    Africa Twin
    Hello! Thought I'd post here on the off chance that someone might be around Reading who would have a spare reg/rec they could sell me. I'm here for the weekend to do some trail riding and as I got here I discovered my battery was low. Turns out I'm only getting 11.5v from the reg rec but...
  14. For Sale: OEM Honda RD07 Rec/Rec (Voltage Regulator/Rectifier)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Fully functioning RD07 Reg/Rec. Good condition. Yellow wires are cut near the plug, but I can add on any crimp connectors that you wish (and provide mating halves) if required. £25 incl P&P.
  15. MOSFET reg's

    Can you fit a mosfet ref/rec to the vara? Kinda like I did to my @twin?
  16. Mosfet Regulator rectifier

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anybody fitted one of these to their domi if so which one. I think the one i fitted to the AT will do it but not 100% sure. I've just fitted a volt meter to my bike and its pushing out 17.6v on tickover with nothing switched on, its ok with the lights on. I've compared it with my multimeter...
  17. For Sale: Facet Pump & Rectifier

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a Facet 40178 Fuel Pump that was never used for sale. I bought from the US and with postage + taxes it cost me €130, The Facet 40178 is a model that is closer to the Honda OEM pump in specs. It puts out 15 GPH and the Honda pump is 12GPH compared to the 40105 witch has 30 GPH...
  18. Replaced reg rec. extra wire?.?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello again.. Cleaning up a second Dommie, and discovered that the reg rec was not working. (Confirmed by swapping out the reg rec from my daily ride) Ordered a new one (aftermarket), and when it came to put it in, noticed an extra wire coming out of the reg rec - black.. The original reg...
  19. Crimping

    Does anyone know which crimping tool has the right profile for the Furukawa terminals as used on the MOSFET Reg/Rect upgrade on the AT ?
  20. eBay: mosfet & connectors

    For Sale / Wanted
    Triumph street triple regulator rectifier 2010 | eBay nowt to do wi me, but must begood for someone, both my girls 'ave 'em.