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  1. Petrol station recce for rosedale 2010

    Past National Meets
    Few weeks ago I had a look around at the petrol station in the area for the national Castleton Thurs , fri 9am to 6pm Sat 9 - 1pm No Sunday The pump area is on an incline and needs a bit of care when fully loaded. Situated on high st castleton. Kirkbymoorside Cooks a170 (indi) Thusday...
  2. If the recce caused this, what will the main event do to the stats?

    Past National Meets
    BBC News - Problem drinking shows up north-south England divisions
  3. Galloway forest Park recce

    Austin's Adventures
    I am due to meet one of the forest rangers on Thursday 1st July for a recce along some of the routes I have planned, and have a review of the overall event. Does anyone want to come along on the basis that 2 heads are better than one? I think we will be travelling in one of their vehicles, but...
  4. Piel Island Recce - 5th April 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Some Pics from today... Taking a break after a very wet, windy, foggy & fun trip over 3 passes - culminating in this - the Hardknott Pass... Austin on Walney Island checking out the first hundred yards of the "road" to Piel island... The (much shorter) ferry route to Piel from Roa...
  5. Piel Island Recce - Easter Monday??

    Austin's Adventures
    Anyone want to join me on a recce for Piel Island. I need to ride the proposed ride out route to (a) make sure I know the way (b) check the timing to be sure we can get round and be in time to meet the tractor for crossing the sands and (c) identify any pick up points for people joing us...
  6. A little recce.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Lunch time today the fog had lifted and it felt quite mild(ish),so I decided to have a recce for next Fridays ride out. So well wrapped up I headed out toward the Trough of Bowland Jeffry Hill looking over the Trough of Bowland. The 'Trough' Transalp and look out tower/beacon Looking...