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  1. Transalp
    I've seen multiple people on this forum fit an AT sumpguard on their 650 Transalp's. But how? :o I don't think the mounting points line up. The AT one has 2 in the front instead of the TA's 1... I found a user named Tramp talking about a recent post he made where he explained it but i can't seem...
  2. Africa Twin
    On a recent trip to Wales my trusty 94 xr250 let me down. Just before it stopped all the electrics stopped but it was still running. Then it stopped, I've got spark and had some little fires but not enough to run. And some wierd back fires. Its think it's a electrical problem I'm...
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    A video from a recent trip to "Kalamata"
  4. Transalp
    At my recent MOT the garage pointed out that the bards on my 1996 alp were bent and needed replacing. I guess renthals are my best option now, but looking at various forums the dakar highs seem to be the consensus, but I cant see them for sale anymore. Which renthal bars currently for sale...
  5. Africa Twin
    started fine, 3 miles down the road, engine died, tickover only. full tank of juice, fuel cap removed, both chokes blanked-off, recent new fuel filter. She'll start, but cuts out when revved. Don't understand because of the full tank & she starts. 1st week at new job & day off already, bike...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    for sale pair 1996 xr250r hubs (f & r )good condition with recent bearings £100 + post email [email protected] txt 07624 434282
  7. Africa Twin
    I've been trying to write up my recent trip to Morocco in the Ride Report section before I forget all the place names. Loads of pictures too...
  8. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Serrow for sale 1994 rear disc model my wife's bike so not used much owned since 20011 all old mots tidy little bike , Gel seat fitted which was lowered when done as wife is only small 19500 Kms recent mot £1450 Ono
  9. Varadero
    Mine's gone again after 13 months...Has anyone got a recent contact for anyone who makes/stocks the phosphor bronze replacement jobbies please? I really don't want to be doing the job annually(assuming I don't trade it in for a new AT or something else that tickles my fancy:p)
  10. Chatter
    Had some recent issues editing photos in photobucket, so what software do you use before uploading ???? Looking for a windows and simplicity options :hitler:
  11. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well I got my need for a bit of speed pretty quick so wandering if anyone wants a go, I'd be interested in something like the following Xl600v Deauville DR 350 XT 600 Bit of a range I know, but hey ho. Picture of my bike in the chatter section called talk me out of it (something like that, will...
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Following a recent topple, we are looking to replace the front and right-hand fairings on Brian, a 2002 Transalp 650. If you have such for sale, please PM and we'll supply mobile number.
  13. Africa Twin
    I thought I would share with you a recent trip I undertook to Europe and the problems we faced. There are 09 episodes in total...all with an alternative sense of humour- as I complete the other episodes-.(1/9 & 2/9 out now) they will be posted up. If you want to subscribe- then you will get the...
  14. Africa Twin
    I could do a search but I'm a lazy fekker and there are not enough recent posts any how :rolleyes::D RD04 fork oil, I'm getting conflicting recommendations from SAE 5W to 10W, I've still got 15W from the Varadero I'm not planning on rally stuff but worry 15 may be too viscous. Got progressive...
  15. Africa Twin
    A pair of wheels for my @ £60.00 the pair and £15 for paint ect, the anodising was a bit rough but the inside of the rims were rot free so I just sprayed them with a coat of smoothrite, I wish I'd spent a bit more time preparing the spokes but that a Job for the summer now. The can was a bit of...
  16. Africa Twin
    I need a new set following a recent one all draw with a pedestrian. Which aftermarket set are a good direct replacement? Cheers
  17. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not so much a ride report as an attempt at boring the tits of you all
  18. Africa Twin
    My son Blew the seal on the bottom of the shock on a recent trip in Northern Spain, can the shock be refurbed or would it need a new one? The exhaust also blew a hole in it any recomendations for an after market one?
  19. Chatter
    This is my latest boys toy. I bought one in the States on my recent Base jumping adventure . Unfortunately I didn't bring it home as I think its classed as a fire arm in the UK . Beer Cannon 1
1-19 of 40 Results