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  1. Africa Twin
    Modded the side stand today to stop those soggy field fall over events ? adult size hockey puck (75mm) two 6mm allen bolts and nuts. Nuts are pushed into a recess underneath and gripped by the rubber by drilling an 11.5mm hole part way ?
  2. Africa Twin
    After a long motorway ride I have sotted a slight mist of oil around the filer cap, not a leak as such just a trace, I am guessing that there should be an O ring fitted in the recess that the filler cap/dipstick screws into. is there meant to be an O ring there?
  3. XR
    Just taken my bike out for its maiden voyage in the woods and mud I knew that the spark plug was hard to get to - but didnt realise how much crap would be pushed down there and how hard it is to get out. so! any advice would be appreciated: 1) whats the best way to get all the mud out ? -...