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  1. 1983 xl100s project, help needed

    I want to ditch the exhaust and replace it with something smaller and cheaper. What do you recomend?
  2. hands free

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Any one recomend a cheap hands free kit for use in a car / truck , Thanks Ian
  3. lower tooth sprocket

    has anyone run a lower tooth sprocket on their 185s as the original is 14,, i was tryin to do the bike in trials trim... what size sprocks do ye recomend...any links to a decent chain an sprocks, tae hurl ma 20 stone around..cheers
  4. london metal polishers

    can anyone recomend a metal polisher in london - I need a zxr 400 top yoke polishing!
  5. honda transalp replacement mirror?

    Hi guys..well had a fall on the trails and smashed the glass in the left mirrio...has anyone replaced just the mirror glass.. or which replacemt mirror and arm do you recomend ..nedds to not vibrate at speed and easily adjustable.. ta all..
  6. Renthal Handlebars

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone fitted standard renthal handle bars? If so what is your experiences, will i need handlebar risers and if so, which ones would you guys recomend. Thanks,
  7. Forma Boots

    Hi All. Any thoughts on Forma pivot boots, looking for some boots with a bit more flex in the ankle area more to get more feel while braking standing up, or anything else you can recomend.
  8. Xr400 o ring or standard chain

    Hi guys i have an xr400 that i use for a bit of green laning and i cant decide wether to get an O ring chain or not.What do people recomend? thanks tuggy.
  9. what jets do you recomend

    hi ive a 2001 xr 250 header welds ground off airbox snorkel removed totally open exhaust ( no peashooter ,no spark arrester ) id like some info on what to jet the carb to work in this set up pl;z help or u can txt me on 0781 702 5249
  10. Will it tour 2 up

    Hi folks first post from a prospective TransAlp owner. Im thinking of buying a 650 TransAlp with a view to doing some 2 up touring next year so firstly is the Alp up to a trip down the Rhine valey 2 up carrying a fortnights supply of knick's and sock's. Secondly other than luggage racks what...
  11. best on/off road tyres

    Dominator / FMX
    i want to do lots of greenlaning but obviously have to do the roads on the bike to get to the lanes.what tyres could everyone recomend and what do you use.i like pootleing to the shops to pick up milk but like it on the back wheel when out with others and when on the greenlanes i want grip and...
  12. any tips for touring on a dommie?

    Dominator / FMX
    hi, i would love to do some long distance rides on my '01 dommie but have been slighty aprehensive. i live in southern spain and had the chance to go to the valencia gp with some friends but chickened out at the 5 hour(taking it easy) ride. my main doubt is the seat. has anyone modified their...
  13. Vacuum Gauges

    Africa Twin
    I am thinking of investing in the above. Can anyone recomend any at a reasonable cost. I have limited room in the shed so some homemade thingy isnt an option. Can a four gauge set still be used on a twin or do I need a two gauge set. Somat like these? Cheers Tez...
  14. Sena SMH10 Intercom

    Product Reviews
    Just thought I'd post up a small review of the Sena SMH10 intercoms I've recently bought you can buy the units either singly or as a twin pack, I bought two single units as they were on offer and the supplier had sold out of twin packs. Helmet Fitting, the kit comes supplied with a choice...
  15. Intercom comments

    Hey guys, It's been a couple of weeks now that I picked up the Varadero, and yes I'm still blown away by it and actually go the long way home to get more time aboard. However thats not why I'm posting this. As I commented on an earlier post, the dealer threw in a 'Scala rider teamset pro'...
  16. XR 600 handlebar risers

    Hiya bought a 1995 xr600r yesterday, ive just been out and done a few local lanes but ive found that the bars seem a little low for me, Im not used to buying Honda parts etc (other bikes BMW and Triumph). Can some one recomend a supplier please of parts for this bike. Cheers Dazco
  17. WELCOME, my new bike

    HI I would like to introduce myself, my name is Martin and Im fan of vintage ( old) dirt bikes and dirt racing like baja 100 and PD in classic style, from today happy owner of HONDA XR 600 RL:) Im going to prepare that bike for a race on Marocco ( need to be ready for next spring). As im new , i...
  18. Sava Tyres

    When I first put some tyres on my 1st Tranny in 2001, I bought Avon Distanzia purely because they were the cheapest. At that time I paid £35 for the front and £50 for the back. Having done thousands of miles on 3 sets I found them to be grippy in all weather conditions, including torrential rain...
  19. exhaust Paint

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, tried painting the exhaust on my TA, but whatever I use it seems to peel off again. The out side is ok, its just the inside that gets splashed from the wheel. Can anyone recomend some good high temp exhaust paint please? or pehaps it is my technique ? I have tried halfords spray and brush...
  20. Sat-Nav Mount

    Can anyone recomend a good bike mount for a Garmin 760 sat-nav. I know it's meant for a car, but it has all i require built in. so shame not to use it on my bike, just need a good mount. Nigel:thumbup: