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  1. Discounts / Deals
    Need Promo code for my bike oil. Any recommendation?
  2. Dominator / FMX
    My winter project is coming along nicely and I like it so far The rear shock at present is from a zx6r but I think it is to soft. I have seen 3 other shocks I am interested in. Hagon Wilbers ( no preload) Wilbers more expensive but has a dial( able)setting I know it's a personal choice but do...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I am looking to replace trhe rear shock on my 1999 SLR and am wondering what my options are without it costing an arm & a leg?? Thanks in advance Tom
  4. Africa Twin
    For an RD04. Ernest Burguieres
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hello Guys In this opportunity i wanted to know if anyone have experience with this exhaust system or According to ebay both are for honda NX650 dominator. I'm planning to buy it for my dommi, but i wanted to know if anyone have tried already? Any recommendation? and the last thing what is...
  6. Mechanical Advice
    Good morning, My honda varadero 1000xl is in need of its big service and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good garage in the bucks or Herts area. I would be happy to do the normal service myself but not keen on doing the valve clearances etc. Thanks in advance for any recommendations
  7. XR
    Good evening Trying to find a recommendation for road legal tyres for the XR 125 L6 Sizes are: Front 90/19-19 and Back 110/90-17 Maybe you've found some out there ? :thumbup:
  8. Chatter
    car obd2 scanner recommendation I am looking for advice on what car obd2 scanner to buy without breaking the bank. I have a very basic one that does next to nothing but want to get one that covers all vehicles systems inc abs. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Ian.
  9. Chatter
    Can anyone help with a recommendation where to park my Vara in Liverpool city centre? I am heading to the passport office on Old Hall street so as close as possible would be great! I once got a ticket for parking on the pavement (not blocking anything, it was 3m wide!) So I'm a little weary...
  10. Africa Twin
    Ladies and gents, As the title says really... The RD04 is having a 'little' refresh... :blob7: Frame is on my workshop floor in desperate need of powdercoating. Anyone recommend anyone in the areas mentioned please - would rather go through recommendation... Cheers Slidey
  11. Africa Twin
    I've spent a couple of hours fitting a Heavy Duties centre stand this afternoon. Just thought I'd post a recommendation for anyone looking to fit one. It came a week after ordering, fitted perfectly (no need to remove the exhaust) and will make maintaining the bike so much easier. Definately one...
  12. Tools
    hi, just got my chain from D.S spare and it need to be sized up. Anyone got a recommendation for a good chaintool, google shows they range for £10 - £50 but im not sure what is a good one as cost sometimes is not a good guide. cheers
  13. Tools
    i need to replace my old torque wrench so can anyone recommend a mid priced, 3/8 drive suitable for motorbikes bearing in mind it will only be used occasionally and for the usual routine stuff. my old one came from machine mart and served me well so it doesnt have to be a snap-on or anything...
  14. Africa Twin
    Evening, Probably a question that has already been asked, I need to replace the rear on my @ and would like some advice from you all on choice! I currently have a endurance profile, which I like I do more road miles than off but a road tyre just wouldn't look right on the @. Please...
  15. Travel
    Hi guys and girls. Slight change of plan, booked the ferry to Santander in October hoping for warmer weather than The Alps. Has anyone got a good recommendation for a hotel or B&B? We know one in the picos but any others would be greatfully received. Thankyou!!
  16. Transalp
    The throttle grip won't return to closed position as it should. I used some kind of silicone based grease (same grease I used to the brakes) and I just want to know what is your recommendation. I'm not sure that is the problem, but I have to remove it anyway to find the problem and I would use...
  17. Transalp
    Hey Folks I have (ahem) scuffed my handguards once or twice, on narrow garage doors and tarmac. The standard plastic ones seem a bit flimsy really. Wondered if anyone had recommendations for something a bit stronger, and ideally with a bit more space behind it. Anyone tried Barkbusters? They...
  18. Insurance
    Chaps, Do any of you have classic bike Insurance? I am looking for recommendations of providers please! Tried Bennets but only offering 3rd party. Going to try Footman James on the phone tomorrow. It's for a 1970 Honda 350SL Scrambler - same age as me and just as pristine!!!!:p:p:p
  19. Chatter
    The "Gentlemen that do Lunch" would like a recommendation for a decent caff that's bike friendly somewhere in Northish Wales. Phil the Shandy and myself and hopefully others will be meeting for lunch and rideout tomorrow/Thursday, and are looking for a decent alternative to the Ponderosa...
  20. Chatter
    This is probably in the wrong forum, but I haven't been around much lately... so it's not my fault :rolleyes: I've been getting by with a ridiculously over big torque wrench for ages, so could do with one in the right scale for the bike... recommendations anyone? Thanks :)
1-20 of 44 Results