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  1. Africa Twin 750 Re-build

    Africa Twin
    I was recommended to add a thread as I'm currently having another fad of re-building my Africa Twin. I bought it 5 years ago as a 'project' and proceeded to leave it in the shed for 4 years! Last Christmas I dismantled it in a shed, since then I've moved house and have the space to get my teeth...
  2. Honda 1972 SL350K2

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda 1972 SL350K2 £2400 £2400 The SL350K2 is the last of the Honda 350 twin dirt bikes with no electric starter, pressed aluminium mudguards, 21” front wheel, 18” rear wheel Honda 1972 SL350K2 speedo 7643 miles, free tax & MOT, last expired May 2019, UK reg May 2018. Running condition...
  3. 650 review

    From here (2004 - he's in Australia, I think) ------------------------------ Now that the dust has settled on the new 650 Tranny, these are my observations and experiences thus far. The engine is feeling...
  4. Honda 2003 Varadero XL1000V 6 speed FI many extras SOLD

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD 2003 Honda XL1000V Varadero Fuel Injected 6 speed model with coupled brakes. SOLD
  5. FMX 650 valve clearance

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi to all, I would like to ask what the recommended valve clearances for FMX 650 are. My net research gave me two outcomes: (1) 0.10 (intake) and 0.12 (exhaust) +-0.02 (like in XR650L, Dominator etc) , and (2) 0.10 +-0.02 for both intake and exhaust valves (see here...
  6. The Motorcyclist’s Guide to Scotland

    There’s a new book that’ll be of interest to anyone heading north of the border. It does seem to be very comprehensive, well written and informative. There’s loads of background information, not just route directions. JG even suggests appropriate reading material and soundtracks to accompany...
  7. Looking for recommended oil

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys I have just had a rebore on my 92 Donnie. What oil should I be using to bed the rings and bore. Should I stay away from semi synthetic?, Should I use some cheap oil for 500 miles then change filter and oil for some semi synthetic? Your thoughts please
  8. Has anyone tried one of these "programmable" CDI units?

    Transalp Digital CDI for Honda Transalp XL600V (PD06) and XRV650 Africa Twin (RD03) From €134.90 * * All prices incl. value added tax, excl. shipping costs Type: Information regarding the available types see below...
  9. CRF1000L Auxiliary lights

    Africa Twin
    Just completed a DIY install of some auxiliary lights. Some £11 Chinese specials were recommended on another bike forum. They came in 3 days from European stock. Great build quality - will see how long they last ... They come in two versions; Flood or Spot. I bought the Flood version...
  10. Problems fitting Rugged Roads Crash Bars

    Africa Twin
    Hi Folks I know there's a post on this from quite a few years back- but just wanted to see if other people have had the same problem as me and what solutions worked for them. I'm trying to fit the RR crash bars to my RD04 - got all the brackets fitted - but when it comes to attaching the bars...
  11. Stalls When Breaking After Carb Service

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, I’ve recently observed some strange behaviour on my old lady (RD03 AT with RD04 motor): After I’ve got her back from receiving some routine service incl. carb cleaning and a new choke cable she tends to stall when breaking somewhat stronger whilst simultaneously pulling the...
  12. Very faint ticking noise

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have a very faint ticking noise coming from down near the oil filter area just wondering if it is normal, also it seems to feel like someone is now and again pushing against my bike as I'm going along, a few weeks ago I changed the oil etc and it was at the level at the time, I removed...
  13. For Sale: Honda 1991 XRV750 RD04 Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Withdrawn-change of plans
  14. For Sale: Honda 1975 CB500/4 K1 UK model

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    £3850 A 1975 Honda CB500 Four K1 UK model in good condition 25500 miles, UK registered from new not an import. The CB500/4 is VMCC eligible and qualifies for classic insurance and free tax, current MOT expires June 2018. The previous owner had the bike from...
  15. recommended tire tubes?

    Africa Twin
    I just received my new tires and figure I will change tubes as well and keep old ones as spares. Everything I have owned for years has been tubeless except my RD03 which came with new tires/wheels and my KLR650 which I changed eons ago. Want Heavy duty but not sure which brands are best. Any...
  16. Possible to fit Oil Cooler to RD03

    Africa Twin
    What do you think ? Is it possible? Recommended? I have seen a few "universal" oil coolers on eBay but can they be fitted to a bike that never had a oil cooler to start with. Then of course the best option might be to fit the oil cooler from the RD04. Anyway what do ye think ? Thanks :)...
  17. TransAlp 600 H model running lights, lighter muffler

    Mechanical Advice
    Does anyone know if there is running lights available (later model?) that would fit sockets for an 87 TransAlp XL600V H model Canadian bike??? Also a lighter than stock muffler recommended??!!:rolleyes:
  18. recommended crack repairs/fairing

    Africa Twin
    Lots of researching and can't figure out what would be best for crack repairs. Front fairing on my 97 xrv has 2 cracks leading down from windscreen. 1 crack dead ends into bolt hole from top 1/2inch long, the other opposite side from top down for about 2 inches. Never done repairs on this stuff...
  19. Motoz tractionator adventurer for XRV 750 RD07

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi guys, I'm looking to get some more agressive tyres for my XRV 750 RD07 1996, as I will be riding a lot of sand and dirt here in Australia. I have until now run Mitas E07, but would love a bit more grip in the sand. I am looking at a TKC 80 for the front. Interested in the new Motoz...
  20. Topping up oil with Repsol fully synthetic JASO MA2

    Africa Twin
    Hi all On a road trip in Europe at the moment and need some advice. I had the engine oil changed and full service about 2000 miles ago at my local Honda main dealer in the uk. I'm not sure what oil was used but assume it was the recommended type. I'm not sure if that would be semi or fully...