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  1. first transalp!

    Hi guys and Gals, just joined your site, so hello! Having had bikes for years, mostly sportsbikes, am looking to delve into buying a Transalp. Have seen one which I like, good price, fully kitted out, luggage, satnav socket, etc, etc (99 model) 45,000 miles. MOT till Feb, then it will need a new...
  2. Camcorders

    Is anyone here in to Camcorders and can help me please. The lad is 16 in a week or so and as he's in to video and stuff and going on to college to do this, so I thought I'd get him a camcorder. But the choice is bewildering. It strikes me that one that records to Hard drive would be best...
  3. bleeding brakes

    Hello again i have 2 probs that i need some ideas for but i will do 2 seperate posts. Firstly i junked the medieval front brake hose system on my 88 ta this morning and fitted a shiny new goodridge version...lovely. Problem is even after hours of pumping the lever the traditional way, there is...

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, I have purchased my bike(RD07) with top yoke set about 3cm lower from what haynes recommends.I dont know why is been set on this height by previous owner. I had no problem with suspension or handling up to know.But since im not expert on AT i would like to have your opinion.I have...