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  1. Transalp
    Chaps After a long absence from this site, I have returned to the fold, and keen to ride the bike. However, the bike has had long lay up - some 18 months or more - in the shed, with no use whatsoever. I am well aware this is disgraceful behaviour, and am also aware to check out brakes, tyres...
  2. Chatter
    For a variety of reasons, I've not ridden, nor been on here, since March. I'm now recommissioning the tatty transalp and as soon as the MOT is sorted I'll be back out there... Did I miss much? It's nice to be back :D
  3. Africa Twin
    Well amongst all the other jobs of recommissioning a AT that has stood in the garden for three years unstarted is a leaking water pump Prior to test starting her ( fresh petrol/ carbs cleaned/ car battery on jump leads.) I checked the water levels ( non existant!) I put fresh water in and found...