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  1. XRV RD07 rebuild in Ireland! (2Up2Down)

    Africa Twin
    Hi Lads, I have finally broken ground on the rebuild and so far I'm just stripping the easy stuff off. Progress is slow but no issues so far. Been on the site a long time and have been meaning to do this for just as long. Ok, my first question so far is what do you guys think the nick my...
  2. Problems fitting refurbisged shock absorber

    Africa Twin
    Hi All Just trying to fit my reconditioned shock absorber, but it appears the hose to the gas canister is in a different position to the one i took off. How can i get it repositioned- if you look at the photograph i cannot get the fuel pump back into position and it looks like the hose will...
  3. Wrong Shock from Wemoto - Hagon or Rebuild?

    Africa Twin
    Quick version without the waffle: If you have fitted a Hagon shock to an RD04, what do you think of the performance? Is it okay offroad (I've heard stories about failures)? Should I just get an original shock rebuilt and reconditioned and, if so, where? Maxton? ABE? Long version with all...
  4. Help please,Satnav related

    Mechanical Advice
    Ok guys bit of a story:D Went over to chads yesterday and used my wifes TomTom one in my tankbag. I have a little Mascot called Sean (for obvious reasons) Thats him:D Well he lives here at the screen of my Vara Well i noticed he...
  5. stroke of bloody genius !!

    due to the impending purchace of pussyhorses RD03 ive had to curb some of the spending on marmite :cry: i was going to have the wheels reconditioned powder coated hubs and rims with stainless spokes by the devon rim co 8) but i cant have that and the RD03 so i decided to paint the hubs...