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  1. best way to reduce motorway RPM??

    Hi guys!! can anyone recommend the best way to lower the engines RPM (transalp 650) whilst riding on the motorway? is it best to change the front or rear sprocket? all advice welcome. thanks guys.
  2. Hard seat

    Used to have a 1999 reg XL1000v a few years ago, and don't remember the seat being anywhere near as uncomfortable as it is on my XL1000va-5. I went out the other day and did about 70 miles or so, and found it really hard going on the nether regions. Anyone got any tips on how to reduce the aches...
  3. For Sale: Loads of usefull spares honda nx650 rd02

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have been asked by senior management to reduce by half my "keep in handy just in case spares" 07925117222 ask i nmay have it
  4. What screen do you recommend ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks Looking at changing my oem screen for something that will reduce the wind noise at speed , mainly on motorways .Soon as I duck down everything goes nice and quiet, but I look a right pillock ! Any recommendations please ? Cheers :thumbup: Neil
  5. Problems uploading pictures due to picture sizes

    Peeps I am trying to upload pics for the Pyrenees trip report I am using a mix of my pics and Stan's - Stan's won't upload as they are mostly around 6mb Can I reduce the file size and how do I do it?
  6. Varadero help please - screen attachment

    Hi guys - I picked up my 13 plate Vara on Friday and I'm already a little fed up with the shoulder and head buffeting I'm being subjected to. Anyone got any idea's as to what to "bolt" onto the screen to reduce or completely end the problem? I'm 6' 1" tall...... Thank you.
  7. Puncutre resistant inner tubes?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    All 3 of our bikes have inner tubes. Are their tougher, puncutre resistant inner tubes available? Or are there any products that inner tubes can be filled with to seal or prevent or reduce puncture problems?
  8. Basic Pilot Question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, were talking jets here, now I'm running rich on my old XJ and the pilot jets appear clear and are 1.5 turns out as per spec, now I want to try and reduce the richness of the mixture, so do I tighten them up or loosen them (told you it was basic :toothy10: )
  9. Men! Reduce your running costs!

    OK chaps, here's a way of reducing your fuel costs dramatically. I think I've got the jist of it, but if any of you French speakers could do a (caption style) translation, I'm sure we'd all be grateful !!! :rolleyes: Oh! and why is it always old Mercedes that seem to run on anything? I...