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  1. RD07 R 94 front brake pistons

    Africa Twin
    Hi everybody, I am rebuilding front brakes and I need to change two out of four pistons, but I have trouble finding them in online shops where I usually get my stuff (german and austrian shops). Some have it for older models, some say that it is the same piston for older and newer models (I...
  2. RD07 R 94 front brake pistons

    How to.....
    Sorry, wrong place :)
  3. Wanted: TA 650 Crashbars Touratech or African Queens

    For Sale / Wanted
    Does somebody have a second hand pair of TT or AQ crashbars for the TA 650? :grin: Cheers Pics for reference
  4. JT Rubber Front Sprocket

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Just asking if anybody has experience with JT’s rubber front sprocket on the XRV? We all know why many use the OE Honda front sprocket but since they cost about €30-35 and the JT cost about €15-20 it could be just as good.. Just for reference the JT sprocket is JTF296-16RB. other...
  5. XRV Spark Plug Upgrade??

    Africa Twin
    So the standard plug for the XRV is DPR8EA-9, You can also get iridium plugs DPR8EIX-9. But there also exists the laser iridium plug that is the best plug available on the market, the new CRF Africa Twin uses this plug and the service intervals for spark plugs is 48,000km Does anybody here...
  6. Can you identify this aftermarket exhaust on my XRV750 RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hello AT Fans! Can you identify this aftermarket exhaust on my XRV750 RD04? It was installed on an AT I purchased and I am unable to locate any stamps or reference to an aftermarket manufacture. It sounds really nice on the V-twin. Any thoughts or guess? Thanks in advance!
  7. Transalp 700 actual weight?

    Searching up TA700 specs,I can't find any reference to the actual ready-to-ride wet weight. Any number of sites quote dry weight as 214kg. So, if that's correct, it puts the fuelled weight somewhere north of 230kg. That seems helluva heavy to me. Can anyone shed any light?
  8. XR 125 Valve clearances

    XR Technical Specs
    Good Evening all Just watched a where the guy quotes 2 different clearances 0.003 and 0.005.and in the comments there seem to be yet more differences. My manual for after 03' [L6] says 0.003 for both IN/EXH . Has anyone else got reference to two clearances,or,like...
  9. Slight stumble on pickup

    Dominator / FMX
    I've now had my first short ride on the SLR and enjoyed it very much. It's so much lighter, narrower and more chuckable than the Strom. However, having EFI on my last 2 bikes has spoiled me a little. The SLR has a stumble just coming off idle which is a bit annoying. It feels as though it's a...
  10. can anyone tell me what this wiring harness is from

    Dominator / FMX
    I have tried in vain to identify this loom cannot find any Honda reference can you help? "my2a" I think is the model number
  11. through south america

    Hi Folks Looking to start planning for the trip of a lifetime. Has anyone got pointers toward recommended reading/reference material or other websites where I can begin to plan/research for this trip. Have no dates for departure or time scales penciled in. This thread is a starting point for...
  12. New member US Spec XL600R Pics

    Been lurking for a while, decided to join up. Here are some pics of my colonial spec XL600R I've been restoring. My user name is not my actual name, for those who get the reference, thumbs up.
  13. 1000 Vara Steering head bearing info

    On the steering head bearing does anyone know the bottom bearing reference? I know the top is SAC2647-1 Thanks
  14. Varadero XL1000 02 Rec / Reg

    Looking for some clarity looks like my rec / reg is damaged, not convinced the one on the bike is OEM it has a part number of SH633-12 which is the same as in the Hayes manual photograph, but searching ebay this part number does not reference a varadero. Searching for varadero i get a part...
  15. Are bar risers the answer?

    When going uphill standing on the pegs (eg offroad) I feel like i am holding myself on the bike by tugging on the bars- i don't feel like I'm balanced, unless I shift my body all the way forwards, which decreases back wheel grip (a bit of a no-no on an alp!). Would bar risers help me feel more...
  16. xr400 paint

    hi all just upgaded from xr250 to a xr400 :D and the frame paint work could do with a bit of touch up which is grey in colour cant find any reference to the paint code on the bike and was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction regards malo
  17. Seeking reference book

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend a book that chronicles the various Africa Twins and what each model change brought? I am looking for an AT, however, I am sensing that there are some significant model evolutions and I would like to be more aware. Thanks. Ernest [email protected] New Orleans, La.
  18. RDO3 Battery reference ???

    Africa Twin
    Can anybody tell me the reference for a battery for my @650 :thumbup: I've Just finished it's 1 st big service since I got her but battery don't look right and it be shagged just about. thanks :thumbup: