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  1. Africa Twin
    Has anyone got some details for the capacitor replacement on the @ trip computer. I can only find vague references here no real detail. thanks
  2. Chatter
    Today Luton, tomorrow Bedfordshire, next week - who knows. If you don't live in Luton, do it for me :)
  3. Africa Twin
    Seen a few references on here to air box modifications. Are they just for extra induction noise, or do they help with power/pickup? Don't know much about this sort of thing...last time I read about air box mods was back in the days of my 1.3 Fiesta :angry7: (I was 19, leave me alone! :D)
  4. Africa Twin
    OK you lot, a couple of quick-fire questions... 1) Which make/code of Iridium plugs did you use? 2) How much did they (all 4) cost, and where'd you get them? If you want to mention whether you think they make a difference, I'd be interested, but my forum search revealed mixed...
  5. Transalp
    Things are slowly coming together with the bike, thanks to folks on the Site & references picked up here, we have a low seat fitted, engine bars on order & are already equipped with Top box etc. I've been looking around at pannier rail options, & have to admit to being just a little bit...
  6. Africa Twin
    I keep seeing references to people's bikes described as RD07 or 03 and so on, and, possibly because I'm innumerate, I can't fathom these out. Where do these codes come from? All I can find on my registration slip is XRV750-M. Whealie
  7. Africa Twin
    I keep coming across references to oil specifically designed for singles and V twins. I've heard that it improves the gearbox. The stuff appears to be a 20w/40 - does anyone have any experiences or further information about this? Thanks to commuter mileage I have to change oil and filter at...
1-8 of 12 Results