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  1. No Petrol!

    Strange thing happened this morning. Started up the Vara and ran for 30 seconds then cut out......never did that before......still showing 22 miles till refill. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Scottoiler refill

    Mechanical Advice
    can anyone recommend any alternatives to buying genuine Scottoil refills? Im coming to the end of a cheap supply and dont fancy (if avoidable) paying full price for the real stuff.
  3. My Transalp video

    My Transalp for sale inc video FOR SALE 2007 Honda Transalp 650, very good condition. Ideal bike for everything from commuting to work, to touring around Europe. I have owned this bike for just over a year now, but I'm afraid I have to sell it as i have started University and need the...
  4. Petrol filler lock jamming

    I'm having trouble with unlocking the petrol filler cap on my 650 Alp. On several occasions now the key wouldn't turn to unlock the cap to refill the bike, and I was reluctant to force it for fear of breaking it off in the lock. On each occasion, after a bit (or a lot) of jiggling the key...
  5. Travel list

    Hi, I am leaving Northampton in mid September and riding down to Malaga via France taking about 7 days or so. Its a one way journey. I am travelling alone(hoping to maybe meet some riders along the way) I am compiling a list of things to take. I only have my tank bag(expandable lidl one) a...
  6. Scottoiler

    Africa Twin
    I know chain lubing has been done before but.... I've fitted a scottoiler to the last couple of bikes I've owned but for some reason just can't get it working as well as I should on the AT. The oiler itself I have mounted beside the rectifier behind the LHS side panel, with the piping running...
  7. TUTORO Chain Oiler

    Product Reviews
    I was fed up trying to keep the 20 year old Scottoiler on my Royal Enfield 500 Trials Bullet alive, so when I bought my '03 650 'Alp I wanted something simpler and more economical. For under 20 quid the TUTORO gives you a high quality plastic reservoir with control valve, a few feet of...
  8. a tribute to dreaming of a twin!

    Africa Twin
    ok, so this is where it started....its a long story (year long) but all dreams start somewhere, and all i could afford was an old x-military honda XR500. made it "look" legal, faked the MOT, faked a bike license, welded two steel trunks to the side, and set of to Zambia for an undercover job to...
  9. Missing petrol What would you do

    My bike has just been in to the main dealer for some recall work which necessitates the removal of the tank. When I put the bike in it had around 170 miles worth of fuel remaining on the computer (which lines up with the 200 already done as its a 35l tank) when I got it back later that same day...
  10. The engine has landed!!

    Africa Twin
    Well, I disconnected everything, drained the oil/coolant etc etc etc My new best mate Joe arrived and we set to sorting the engine mounts etc. It all went quite smoothly and the engine left the frame without any skinned knuckles. Got the new engine ready, did the valves, they were pretty much...
  11. newbie help required

    evenun, i'm doing a oil/filter change on my xr400, drained the engine and frame, how much do i need to refill it with? thanks in advance Ade
  12. Rear brake fluid reservoir screw stuck

    As a few of you know I had the fun of cleaning my rear brake calliper and changing the pads. All which worked to solve the sticking issue except I noticed I can only remove one screw out of the fluid reservoir since the other one just turn but wont undo so in theory if I had a fluid leak on the...
  13. Singapore address wanted

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys I have been looking for the thread which mentions the Singapore bike spares shop, But cant find it again, I am after a new fuel pump and reg/rec, for the @ Both of which seem to be working ok now but my baterry needs water refill after every ride 70-80 Kms so think reg/rec may be on...
  14. Riding in my TA

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    At Last! In the first three days of owning my new TransAlp I only managed to ride 60km. According to the weather man we’d have a few hours without rain today, so today was to be the day. The TA (who is yet to be named) will have it’s first taste of gravel. The first gravel on my new bike just...
  15. 90 000 km - now what?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, nice forum! I just bought myself a 93 AT with 90 000 km. Runs fine, though it needed a little human touch ;) I just wonder what other owners with similar KM length has done to their bike - I´ve lubricated different cables and some other things - Changing sprockets and chain -...
  16. Oil change - seal washer quick?

    Africa Twin
    I'm planning to get to halfords sometime today to pick up some oil and try an oil change (have a spare filter ready to go on as well) but I haven't done it before and not sure what condition the oil bolt seal washer will be in. I know you're meant to replace these each time, but don't have any...
  17. Brake Fluid

    Is it an easy job to replace it? It's due at the service (24K) but I've never bled these brakes before - is it a pain or are the varadero brakes a dream to bleed and refill? Any tips? (e.g pay someone :)) Coolant needs changing too according to the book....
  18. oil usage fx650

    Dominator / FMX
    hi there, my bike is using a bit of oil lately, i refill every 200-300 miles about 150ml or more. also i noticed smoking on engine breaking, rapid acceleration and high revving. i just changed the oil (rock oil, half synthetic) last week and it seems to burn more than usual. needless to say...
  19. New owner little help

    Africa Twin
    I just got my first AT today a 1999 in resoable condition. I noticed the the front suspension is very soft and know you can refill/rebuild them. Can any one help have surched but cant find anything really expalnaing how this is done. Also who sells a compleat rebild kit for the engine I live in...
  20. Things I think I need to do......

    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...