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  1. Refitting Engine

    Dominator / FMX
    Need to temporary refit the engine back into the frame of my Dommie, so i can finish off custom subframe and exhaust mounts etc. ;Anybody got any tips on the easiest way of doing this ;I better eat some Wheatabix because i found it heavy to lift out
  2. problems refitting the airbox 1987 TA

    Hi Is there a knack to fitting the bit of the airbox which connects to the carburettors? I tried for ages yesterday and got nowhere. Each time I thought I had it all lined up nicely, I pushed down on the top and the hoses either squashed down or it looked like it had fitted then when I let go...
  3. Removing and refitting the fairing...

    How do you remove and refit the fairing on a 06 model? ??
  4. XL650 V 2001 Fairing

    What's the best way to refit the fairing on my Transalp. I have just got all the panels back from the painters. Is it better to fit the tank, then fit either side of the front fairing and build it up on the bike, or should I build it up first then put on bike. Just wondering what is the best...
  5. refit RD4 airfilter box Q

    Africa Twin
    What is the trick for getting the filter box into the frame? From left or right side or from the back? Don't want to take more things apart than nessesary.
  6. RD03

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Stumped trying to refit the expansion tank in place. Can someone post a pic of the bracket that fits the bottle to the frame
  7. Engine fitting

    Mechanical Advice
    A quick query for all you mad keen mechanics, I'm about ready to refit the engine into my 1989 transalp after it's refurb. My question is this, is it easier to fit the engine into the frame loose or into a rolling chassis ? I took it out with the frame on its side and lifted the frame off over...
  8. Rocker cover gasket - reuse?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks, I have the top end of my dommie just now to replace the piston rings. I was looking at the steel rocker cover gasket and wondering if it was possible to reuse by cleaning all the rubber off it with scotchbrite/wire wool and then coating both sides with RTV before refitting. Any...
  9. Bash plate back from powder coater and refitted.

    Africa Twin
    All finished and powder coated white.
  10. free tyre removal and refit balance on wheel jobs in august / september @ sfx wheels

    Discounts / Deals
    to xrv members free tyre removal , refit and balance on wheel jobs , august and september
  11. gs wheels refurbed

    tube less nipple spoke kit £185.00 powder coat hubs £20.00 per hub powdercoat rims £30.00 per rim strip wheels £20.00 per wheel build wheels £30.00 per wheel remove , refit and balance tyres £10.00 per wheel
  12. Exhaust Lower protector wanted

    Africa Twin
    Hi There, Im removing the stainless steel silencer to refit the original. The black protection cover is missing and I would like to fit an original one back on. Anyone got one? Obviously I'll pay!! New ones are £60 ish Cheers, Paul
  13. How difficult is it to remove/refit forks?

    Africa Twin
    I have a 1990 Rd04 that needs the forks sorting. Basically it looks like the forks are twisted in the yokes but as well as this the right fork is sitting 8mm higher through the yoke than the left. How difficult is it to sort this (for a complete amateur!). Is it oversimplifying things to say I...
  14. Refitting Air Filter Box - finally Sorted the pig!!

    Africa Twin
    Thanks to the folk who replied. Thunders tip did the trick - much appreciated.
  15. Refitting Air Filter Box - doing my head in!! Help appreciated

    Africa Twin
    Is there a trick to get the box rubbers over the carb tops on a 93 AT?? Tried greasing 'em but the damn thing wont locate properly and there's no room to get my fingers in. Spent ages trying to sort it. It should be such a simple job!! Any (constructive) suggestions appreciated. :)
  16. Rear Wheel Refit

    Replaced the tyres today...... Before I could fit the rear wheel back on...The bike FELL OVER !!!! :angry1: All the bits I'd carefully lined up went up in the air !!!! QUESTION: There's a little "U" shaped spacer that came from the right hand side of the axle where the nut goes on...