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  1. Rear Brake Piston Stuck

    Hello chaps, Decided to change the rear brake pads on my XR250 today and ran into a problem. The rear brake is a single piston jobby. Now the pads that came out were very worn so the piston has come out a fair way and refuses to go back in. I've put a spanner across the piston and given it...
  2. Starting problems with fmx 650

    Other Bikes
    Hi , I have a FMX 650 which I have added a full arrow exhaust system K&N filter, and Dynojet kit stage 2, The bike goes sooo much better and tons more fun however when the bike has not been run for a few weeks ie in the winter :( it is a pig to start, if the battery has not been plugged into my...
  3. Gear Shift Lever - removal tips

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello everyone. Anyone got any tips to remove the gear shift lever? The pinch bolt had sheared, I have managed to remove the thread that was left in the lever using pliers; however, when trying to remove the lever from the splined shaft it only comes off the shaft about a 1/4 of an inch and...
  4. 1st problems

    Africa Twin
    Finally got to have a ride o the AT last night after fitting the new rims etc. Bike started easily every time so far and I've also fitted a new Varta battery the other week. On the way home I noticed that the indicators were flashing irregularly when accelerating. I put it down to a loose...
  5. Alarm!

    I have a Meta alarm system fitted to the old nail,which for a variety of reasons I'd rather do without, but it came with the bike when I bought it. Pressing the fob buttton refuses to de-activate the alarm on the bike, only de-activating and obtaining the beep after 10 minutes or so of...
  6. fitted chain and sprockets - but is it right?

    Last couple of evenings have been spent changing chain and sprockets butnot without problems and a couple of questions I could do with advice on.... First got a genuine C&S set from David Silver for £65 + VAT and delivery. Good start. Local bike man said he wouldn't fit parts he hadn't...
  7. why do bikes stall when people are looking at you

    Maybe this is just me but from strokers years ago until my modern bikes whenever there is a gang of girlies(as a rule) or just people looking at your bike at a junction etc the bu==er stalls then refuses to start on the button must. cor if I was cool Id be worried.
  8. Hi all/ Africa twin questions..

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, first post here... apologies in advance for the rambleing.. I don't (yet) own any variation xrv (yet!) at the moment i am the prowd owner of a cx500 (fwaaar eh?) its actualy great, strong pulling engine, cheep to run, refuses to die (though mine is kept in as good condition as...