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reg or rec
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  1. Africa Twin
    chaps, i'm at my wits end! fried my reg/rec on my RD07A, and find it absolutely impossible to get any replacement at a reasonable price in Namibia or South Africa. think everyone shut down for the world cup! i have volunteers flying into my project from the UK this coming weekend, so i can get a...
  2. Africa Twin
    So of you may have read my previous posts about my trials and tribulations, but it all seemes to be working fine now!!!:thumbup: I decided not to do the R1 reg/rec mod and spent out on a Tour Max reg/rec, fitted it last night and everything seemes grand, and the fan came on (had to let the bike...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hey, Iv said it once and I will say it again! How do i test the amperes going through the reg/rec? I found them new for £70, but I dont want to spend out that much if its not goosed! Cheers alot.
  4. Africa Twin
    As above I am looking for a new Reg/Rec for my @,so does anyone know where to get one cheap?I always use D.Silver but i thought maybe somebody out there knows someone cheaper? :thumbup:Thanks
  5. Africa Twin
    Just thought I'd pass on a good supplier. My regulator/rectifier expired and after trawling through Google I went for LM Spares - the website claims their units are from the Honda original supplier. £63.00 with free delivery and it arrived after 3 working days. It is identical to the factory...
  6. Africa Twin
    Well it all started after i fitted some heated grips,Just finished fitting them, try to turn them on but no, light came on then they turned themselves off.Read the info on them if the voltage is low on the battery they turn off, Checked batt, low volts so charged said battery and all was...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Anyone got an old blown reg/rec for an RD07. Just looking for the wiring. Thanks in advance Russ
  8. Africa Twin
    Oh Dear! Went to change my reg/rec today to discover the previous owner of the zebra had done a bodge job and put a non-standard reg/rec on. Instead of being five connectors on the larger of the two connectors there were only four, so he had cut the connector off and wired four of the five...
  9. Africa Twin
    :booty: yea i think this would be a good to know were to buy a reg/rec from and how much.
1-9 of 9 Results