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  1. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Over at Big Trailie we have an October meet-up. So if you fancy a weekend with some good friends then pop over and register. October Meet | Big Trailie
  2. XR
    G'day everyone, I'm having a hard time trying to identify my XR, every "VIN checker" website I go to none of them can identify the vin as a vin here it is: ME01-5400695, I'd like to register my xr but I wanna know if it has been stolen in the passed, if anyone can help me out I'd very much...
  3. Chatter
    Remember when you were 17 and just got your first bike and you had it all sussed. Me and Jnr bought this last autumn for when he takes his test this summer. I am going to register this bike 1st April and try and re-capture my youth...
  4. Chatter
    New to me, so apologies to you lot if this is old hat ...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hello, What do i need to do to register a Africa Twin Rd04 in the UK. The bike has EU plates, normal headlights and the speedo is in km. Cheers
  6. Chatter
    Go on, register... you know you want to! :D Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  7. Africa Twin
    Can anyone tell me how to register an import bike? One of my friend found one AT in Germany and he wants to know how complicated to register the bike in the UK. Thx
  8. Chatter
    The bike I've just bought has Datatag and Smartwater fitted. How do I register that I'm the new owner and is there a subscription to pay for? Cheers
  9. Chatter
    So my employer decides to ask me to purchase a vehicle for the company...we choose the vehicle....can you believe it, it takes 7 days + to get the vehicle licensed and to get plates to get it on the inefficient can you be? how long does it take for you to register a new vehicle in...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys and gals I am quite new to this site, I have however been reading for a couple of weeks, I too have just bought an @ here in Thailand, Hope its ok but this is only the second bike I have bought here, My 1st was a VRF 400 NC30 which I have (according to mechanic) blown up, There is a...
  11. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Is anyone else interested in this? It's a bit cheaper if you register and pay before the end of March. I've just paid my entrance fee, but don't know anyone else who's going.
  12. Mechanical Advice
    I recently fitted a motrax kph to mph converter to my 1992 Dominator and today the speedo died on me. I checked the connections, the cable was a little loose, but even after tightening again the speedo still didn't register. I have now disconnected the speedo cable from the top (where the...
  13. XR
    I'm off to live in the desert (Dubai) which means selling my London commute Transalp and getting a serious off road bike for weekly dune bashing. Any advice? CRF450 X seems popular out there but I want something with lights and electric start at least that I can register for very occasional...
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi, I`m from Spain. I belong to the Africa Twin Club Spain and in my city, we have the winter meeting Pingüinos we have won as a Club two prizes last weekend and if you want to know us, here we are If...
  15. Chatter
    and would like any comments on. :D . Its a range of ideas to set the TA up for next year, and give options as well. Things I'd like the bike to do: The full season of UK rallies, probably by trailer. Christmas and National meets. Erzberg "Konigsclasse", again probably by trailer. End to End...
  16. Chatter
    Last night I went to a popular Wednesday night bike meeting at a pub called The Hen and Chickens in Melling on the outskirts of Liverpool. I had just left one of the Mersey Tunnels and was riding along a (rather notorious,ahem) large main road called Scotland Road when a bike appeared at the...
1-16 of 52 Results