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  1. XR400R Voltage regulator / rectifier work around anyone.

    Lads Been trawling last coupe of days for a XR400R voltage regulator rectifier with the capacitor as part of the assembly as per picture below. There are bloody expensive to buy new and my bike needs allot of attention re lights and electrical s. So any wisdom or if you have a workaround or a...
  2. Honda XL700V regulator rectifier

    Hi folks, I know that the regulator rectifier was a big weak point for Honda motorcycles, specially for ones built until 2005. For Transalps 600 and 650, is highly recommended to have a spare one for long trips across the world, and they are quite affordable, you can find it for £70 pounds on...
  3. Regulator rectifier

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07Y - I have just made an alloy heat sink for this and bolted it back onto the frame using stainless Allen bolts but its just a occurred to me - does this need to be earthed through the frame on the AT? What charging voltage would you expect? Cheers
  4. Soon off to Narvik/Norway on the @..Will it make it ?

    Africa Twin
    Not long now, about four weeks and will be taking the @ two up with luggage through Sweden past the polar circle to Jokkmokk in Lappland and on to Kiruna then turn left to Norway and Narvik then down to Bodö and east over to the swedish east coast then south homeward bound. Worked out a rough...
  5. Original Regulator Rectifier RD07 ??

    Africa Twin
    How do you tell ? I've checked it and can't find any serial numbers..or anything. Looks original to me but then again I'm not that familiar with the AT as some of you in here . Took some pics.. Bikes been running perfectly (touch wood) but read that many of you have changed out the...
  6. All sorts of electrical woes!! Please help a struggling XR400

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help me fix my electrical gremlins, as they are many, and I'm now at a total loss. Its perhaps a little complicated so I'll try my best to explain - A link to the bike's wiring diagram is located here, and is very useful...
  7. For Sale: Offers: Honda RD07A regulator rectifier

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has never given any trouble although the plug from the stator needs replacing with a new three-way connector. It did have a fan installed but it never seemed to run hot so I took it off again. I've upgraded to a MOSFET type so this is now just taking up space. No idea what to ask for it, best...
  8. Shindengen FH001 Regulator Rectifier FET

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought one of these off a Yamaha R1. I intend fitting it to my Africa Twin. The key specification details are up to 200volt back voltage on the diodes, 35 amp capacity and 14.4 volt stabilised output. It handles less amperage than the FH012 but will handle a higher back voltage. This...
  9. XRV750 Regulator rectifier from bike breaking

    eBay - Africa Twin
    £40.00 End Date: Wednesday Feb-16-2011 17:15:57 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;40.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  10. Regulator Rectifier Honda XRV750 1994-2000 Africa Twin

    eBay - Africa Twin
    £85.95 End Date: Saturday Jan-22-2011 14:54:08 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;85.95 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  11. Regulator/rectifier cheap online...

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Since we now have 2 RD07's I am starting to get spares for things that will go wrong with the bike, and as I am customed with...always far from home :-( I searched a bit on the net for RR : here is what I found today.... For UK owners: Honda XRV 750 P/R/S/T 93-94-95 Regulator /...
  12. introduction

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    hello im a new africa twin owner recently bought 1995 rd07 enjoyed it for the first two weeks then generatorcoil packed up along with regulator rectifier oh well welcome to africa twins just cant wait to get it back
  13. additional regulator rectifier for trip?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys Would anyone recommend get spare regulator rectifier for 22-day trip around Europe. Its just they not cheap… cheapest I find on flea-bay for £64 and I have better way to spend money … beer… :wav:
  14. regulator rectifier

    hello people, has any one of you lot got a spare regulator rectifier hanging around not being used, its the one behind the head light not the ac regulator under the seat. if so could i buy it from you or even borrow it to test out my electrics please. Honda xr 600r, i would of thought that...
  15. Sold: Honda Africa Twin RD07a XRV750 yr2000 parts one 650gs sidestand extenton

    For Sale / Wanted
    1) BMW 650 GS SideStand extention arm and larger foot. Jesse Panniers. Brand new never fitted £20.00 2) Black ABS small top box with Touratch like quick release plate, the plate is similar to this Touratech UK Webshop, but does not have a lock (but have the hole cut for one). The Box fits one...
  16. Sold: Africa Twin for Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Many thanks to the overwhelming response. The Bike has now sold More details to follow but I'm going to let my Africa Twin go. Included are 2 x Givi panniers can be top mounted or side mounted. Chrome Crash bars and heated grips (bliss). TKC 8o tyres with just a few hundred miles on them. I...
  17. R6 Reg Rec wiring

    Africa Twin
    Help! I bought an R1 R6 regulator rectifier and it came without its wiring loom . It just has 5 spade connectors on the end of it with no identification so I dont know how to match them up to the colours on my RD03 , is there some way of identifying them ?
  18. Wanted: RD04 BROKEN regulator/rectifier

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm after a knackered RD04 regulator rectifier that has got okay plugs on it (I just want the plugs). If you've replaced yours and not binned the old one, can I grab it please :)
  19. For Sale: Regulator Rectifier - R1/R6 upgrade for AT/TA

    For Sale / Wanted
    I've got an R1/R6 regulator rectifier that I bought with the intention of using on the RD04 project bike before I decided to abandon the project. This regulator has the same bolt spacing as the original RD04 regulator (and the RD07 I think too). It has five connectors and can be wired into the...
  20. how can i figure out my charging problem...ideas welcome

    Africa Twin
    My old RD04 has been a trustworthy winter hack except for one is a perfect example. My buddy and i decided to make the most of the summer downpour by going for a long(ish) ride, 120 miles down to south coast and a nice run through the New Forest, i noticed that my left indicator...