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  1. xrv750 rd07 reg/rec

    Africa Twin
    Before I bought my AT I'd checked out weaknesses and they seem to be reg/rec and fuel pump. I want to eliminate these two weaknesses prior to a big trip. Fuel pump I'll ask about on a different thread but would love some advice on reg/rec here. This is the rectifier on my bike and I think it's...
  2. Honda varadero 125 charging problems.

    Hello all, I have just discovered this forum and what I've read is really good so far :) I'm hoping you knowledgeable people can help me. Okay so basically I was riding home one night and my battery died... I assumed it was the battery, so I replaced it. However the battery then died on me...
  3. For Sale: XL650V Transalp Bar Grips and Regulator/Rectifier

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pair of Transalp bar grips off a 7000 mile old machine so great condition. £4 posted. Regulator Rectifier off a 7000 mile old XL650VY complete with waterproof loom connector if you want to put it on a different bike. I fitted a MOSFET unit because I had one already sitting in my garage...
  4. Original Regulator Rectifier RD07 ??

    Africa Twin
    How do you tell ? I've checked it and can't find any serial numbers..or anything. Looks original to me but then again I'm not that familiar with the AT as some of you in here . Took some pics.. Bikes been running perfectly (touch wood) but read that many of you have changed out the...
  5. Fitting a battery to a CRF450R

    CRF - New Forum!
    I have a road legal Honda CRF450R 2005-model on which I need to improve the lighting. The previous owner had fitted front and rear lights but no rectifier/regulator or battery. I don't know whether he uprated the alternator coil and without dismantling the engine I have no way of quickly finding...
  6. Wanted: Shindengen mosfet fh020aa regulator/rectifier kit

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a SHINDENGEN MOSFET FH020AA REGULATOR/RECTIFIER KIT? Working on a project and can't wait for US delivery. Cash ready if you have one.
  7. XL125R-C Electrics

    Hi all got my hands on a XL125R-C 1984, (Registered), for the GF now she has passed her cbt, it has one or two problems any advice welcome. problem is The bike is not chargeing the battery, i don’t know if it’s the generator of if it’s just a dodgy earth??. along with this the indicators have...
  8. Hot wires to regulator/rectifier

    Africa Twin
    Hello again,I have a problem with the bike. It's a 1990 RD04 750 . I had a problem with not charging,so I replaced the rectifier as the wiring was so hot it melted and was not putting out enough voltage. New rectifier fitted and it's charging at 13.4. The wires are still getting melting hot,so I...
  9. For Sale: Selling my Africa Twin.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have the chance of a very nice 955 Tiger so it looks like the AT will have to go.Its an RD07a,1999 bike,MOT till Xmas,tax till Jan 2013,39000 miles.Crashbars,heated grips powered by a switched relay so no leaving them on by mistake,chain oiler,Hel stainless hoses.Seat modified by GA Wells at...
  10. Regulator/rectifier help ASAP

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, The regulator of my Africa Twin 2003 broke. I read that RR from CBR 600/900 would work.... well, I got an RR from a CBR 954RR, I assumed it was the same, and the item description stated that this RR was really tough and you would never have regulator issues. This regulator has an extra...
  11. Wanted: Regulator/rectifier for a 1997 RD-07 @

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As above if anyone has one for sale please contact me, if it's within (30) miles of Burnley I'll come and pick it up if this is acceptable. Cheers, Allan All sorted out now, I no longer need one
  12. XL 125s 1979

    Hello first time here hoping to get some help. I am restoring a Honda xl 125s 1979 and am in need of a Regulator/Rectifier. I am keeping my eye out for one with no joy yet. Can anybody recommend an alternative ??? In antici pation Chris
  13. KTM 640 Adventure

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi Guys, Can someone give me some pointers about this bike. I've recently sold my @ :( to racinghero55 on this forum and looking for a enduro/greenlaning machine. There's not a lot of info about the 640 Adventure here so are there any specific points or problems I need to look out for when...
  14. MOSFET regulator/rectifier

    Africa Twin
    I am thinking of ordering this kit from eBay: SHINDENGEN FH012AA MOSFET REGULATOR/RECTIFIER KIT | eBay UK Can anyone confirm that the FH0012AA is a straight swap, as far as mounting holes etc are concerned? Thanks :D
  15. where to get 3 way wiring connector (terminal block)

    Mechanical Advice
    I've got to replace the terminal block where the generator plugs into the loom on my AT (whole tale is here: This is a 3 way block connector, i.e. 3 wires in each side. (If you're familiar with the RD07...
  16. Regulator/Rectifier Honda XL1000V Varadero 1999-2002

    eBay - Varadero
    £59.99 End Date: Thursday Feb-10-2011 14:33:54 GMT Buy It Now for only: ***163;59.99 Buy it now | Add to watch list More...
  17. Sold: Africa Twin Regulator/Rectifier Upgrade Kit - 50Amp MOSFET FH012

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Africa Twin Regulator/Rectifier Upgrade Kit - 50Amp MOSFET FH012 These modern Shindengen MOSFET regulator rectifiers run much cooler than the old shunt type regulators. The also provide more stable and slightly higher voltages than the standard item. People are using these on Africa...
  18. XR650R Headlight

    Hello can any one help me as my headlight bulbs keep blowing up. My xr when I got it, has twin headlights 12V 25/25W bulbs but no parking light ,all indicators, break light works fine,starts first time so not to sure. Trying to work the electrics out there is a regulator/rectifier at front...
  19. Electrical Problem

    Mechanical Advice
    I have a 1979 XL250S (6volt) with non-charging battery but headlight (which uses alternating current while the engine runs) is at over 12 volts and blows the bulb. It has a CDI unit (not points) and a regulator/rectifier. The wiring is old and not very clean so I'd like to think it's a wiring...
  20. How hot should a Reg/Rectifier get??

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone know how hot a regulator/rectifier module should get on a 2002 Africa Twin?? The reason I ask is that I have just purchased a second hand spare which regulates at the correct voltage, but gets untouchably hot (80 degrees +) after a few minutes during the 5000 rpm voltage test...