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  1. 1997 model XR400 a bit slow.

    Bought a bike that was registered new in 2000 but appears to be a 1997 model. Seems to be standard including exhaust. Left it out with my mechanic who reckons "half the horses are sleeping" :-D Been reading about Gordon's mods etc on this forum and am I right in thinking that the 1997 bike was...
  2. XL125R-C Electrics

    Hi all got my hands on a XL125R-C 1984, (Registered), for the GF now she has passed her cbt, it has one or two problems any advice welcome. problem is The bike is not chargeing the battery, i don’t know if it’s the generator of if it’s just a dodgy earth??. along with this the indicators have...
  3. K& N air filter ..rejet req? Also other air filter question re inspection

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi ..advice please my air filter appears visually clean but just wondered whether once they get a bit clogged you can notice by visual inspection alone ? Also...I acquired a K&N air filter ( 2nd hand ) which also " looks clean ". Just wondered whether they lean the mixture up a bit if more free...
  4. Just something about an Airhead

    Got into Airheads a few years ago when I picked up my first one an R100 GS PD, since then I've been lucky enough to find a few of the things including 2 R80 g/s pd's and an R80 GS Basic, change in circumstances has made me decide that the stable has to be reduced so I took the Basic and the...
  5. what slip on exhaust for the AT?

    Africa Twin
    Hi people, what kind of slip on exhaust pipe should I be looking for? I want to save some weight and I want a deeper sound, no extra HP required (just yet). Mustn't get too loud, though. I would be looking at some secondhand stuff. Would it be ok to use a secondhand unit from a completely...
  6. Honda CRF230F 'Power Up' Kit

    CRF - New Forum!
    Thanks for all that replied to my 'CRF230 vs. CCM C-XR230' thread - In the end I plumped for a 2004 CRF230. I'm loving the bike, but not finding it as powerful as I was expecting. From what I'm reading they are...
  7. someone got to now there 83 xl600r carb set up?

    hi guys, i recently posted about my xl600r carb jet issues but got no reply so ill try again, i got a 84 xl600r but with 83 carbs, ive rejetted with 135 primary, 132.5 secondry, with the stock 55 pilot, but couldnt get a good idle at all, no matter how mutch i adjusted mixture screw, so ive...
  8. TA600: Has anybody ever fitted a FOAM filter?

    I have some filter foam that I bought as a sheet, and I'm thinking of cutting up my old filter when I next replace it. I would then make a new, removable, foam filter sleeve to go over the old filter's frame. Do I need to rejet, or is the filter airflow similar to an OEM paper?
  9. to Jet or not to jet that is the question

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all Just got my Dommie back in one piece ready for the summer question is i did away with the Airbox and have put a KandN on do i need to rejet if so how big and how do i do it. Cheers
  10. Arrow downpipes

    Hi, Two quick questions for you guys, i'm considering fitting some Arrow down pipes to my 650 to hopefully complement my Remus endcan and get rid of that unsightly cat. Firstly how hard is it to fit and secondly will i have to have it dyno'd/rejetted ? Thanks in advance. Tony.
  11. A question on my Supertrapp exhaust

    Africa Twin
    The previous owner fitted a Supertrapp exhaust to my RD07A, which sounds smile provokingly thunderous and gives you the nose tickles when revved. I'm now wondering if the bike should have been rejetted or otherwise adjusted when this exhaust was fitted? What would be the signs that I need to...
  12. XL600 RMG/LMF: Standard airbox v pod type filters...

    Hiya I'm a newbie to trail bikes so I'm not sure if this is a bad idea or not... The airbox on my RMG is pretty much knackered. I've been pondering the possibility of losing it altogether and fitting pod type filters. I'm rebuilding this thing on a shoestring and a replacement airbox is...
  13. Just joined

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi All, Just signed up :p. I prefer to tour, did the Hebrides again this year, fabulous, if you haven't been you're missing something. I ride a Dec 07 640 Adv, Ti Factory system, rejetted, opened up air box and akra, no baffle of course and a zumo, carbon tank protectors courtesy of Chris -...
  14. Unleash the power: RD07A

    Africa Twin
    RD07A: Have you rejetted your carbs? Drilled holes in the aircleaner box? Changed the needle position? Any results worth mention? It's service/overhaul time, and while I'm at it, I might as well fiddle a bit, if it's worth the effort. //Kjell
  15. XLV750R popping and backfire on overrun

    Hi I need some help and advice on a 1985 Honda XLV750R. On overrun, the bike pops and backfires. It has a Marving exhaust (Italy) which is as near stock as I could get with no signs of leaking or blowing. I have tried rejetting the main and idle jets using 115, 118 main, plus 40, 42 and 45...
  16. Any XR 400 owners near Edinburgh?

    I really need your help! I bought an xr400 running rough in last year and decided to powder coat frame and get engine checked over. Engine needed a new conrod as discovered it already had new piston, instant gasket all over the place from previous owner. Its not starting at all now. Had the head...
  17. For Sale: Remus Revolution exhaust

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD Remus Revolution exhaust NOW SOLD For sale Alloy Remus Revolution End can , link pipe and Bracket.The end can has a couple of small marks,The link pipe is painted with exhaust paint silver/grey colour .Removeable baffle.New price around £290 I am looking £110 No rejetting required a...
  18. 250 jetting question

    Hi, I have a 92 xr250r and was wondering if anyone would know what jets were required if I were to: remove the snorkel, add a k&n air filter and a dep tailpipe (the one on This is assuming a rejet is required. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. My XL600R project

    Hi guys and girls Been at this a while now but almost there with my new found interest. Bought an 1986 model XL600R a few months back but now the weather has closed in, my attention has turned to restoring this classic beauty. Bought it off a guy in the mendips for a few hundred quid and have...
  20. rejetting carbs

    hi all, noticed a few of you have gone down to 125 mains for better economy/cooler running over 4000rpm, doing a airfilter [pipercross type]and plug swap over christmas:) so thought while the tanks off would be good time to remove the pair system -[ loose some clutter as someone...